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Canadian Roller Derby Ranking
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Current rankings

The Canadian rankings are LIVE IN REAL TIME!

Notes: Current rankings are located on the right. You can easily see if a team has gained or lost positions by hovering over their name.

Bout predictions are now enabled for bouts involving Candian teams, they are available from the "Rankings" tab of bout pages on Flat Track Stats. You can get there by clicking on a team hereunder, then clicking on the "Bouts" tab. From the list choose an upcoming bout then click on the "Rankings" tab.

Keep in mind:

The validity of bouts is no longer affected by borrowed players. As long as a bout is played by the WFTDA ruleset, and that the teams played under their real name, the score will count against their rating on the Canadian Ranking. Bouts played for less than regulation time, or on a non-regulation track no longer count.

Advertised team names now rule. It is very important that teams play under their real names if the intent is for the scores to count against that team's rating. Similarly, it's very important to make sure that the opponent is indeed using the agreed upon roster and name. Any disagreement to the roster, number of borrowed player etc, is best handled by playing under a different team name or publicly advertising the bout as a scrimmage.

It's very important to be clear about which team is playing. Avoid using the league name unless the league's travel team is playing and officially sports the same name as the league. Pickup teams, fresh meat teams etc, should be clearly identified and named to avoid confusion.

We encourage you to verify your team(s) data at Flat Track Stats by clicking on the name in the ranking list below. Corrections, questions, team or league information, and even bout scores, can be sent to us here:

The Flat Track Stats algorithm is based on the ELO system. Information on the Flat Track Stats algorithm is available here. A more detailed explanation is available here.

Concerns, criticism, questions and comments are welcome here:

submit scores

Bout scores can now be submitted directly to Flat Track Stats (registration required). The Canadian rankings are now calculated using connecting data from any country as well as purely Canadian scores, so we now welcome bout scores against US teams, or teams from any other country!

Corrections and questions are welcomed at


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