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I am an avid aggressive rollerskater and this is my page, documenting my progress as I learn new tricks and techniques.

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"Hi my name is Lisa Suggitt aka RollerGirl and I am an amateur aggressive roller skater from Vancouver BC, Canada. I have been skating ramps since 2001. I like skating bowls, mini ramp, vert and some street. I also play roller derby for the Terminal City RollerGirls.

Ramp roller skating is a passion for me. There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of carving a long fast line in a bowl, or the G force of skating vert, or the zen of skating a precise technical line in a mini ramp."


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Lisa Suggitt

Lisa Suggitt

(aka RollerGirl)

Two Feet 50-50 around the corner 50-50 Grind, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Inner foot 50-50 grind One-Foot 50-50, Hastings Park, 2006.
Shoot the duck Shoot the Duck.
5-0 grind One-Foot Manual Grind (back truck only), Hastings Park, 2003.
Front side box grind Box Grind, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Hand plant in the 13 foot vert Handplant, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Straight Air Backside Air, The Shred Shed (Cract Pipe), 2004.
Air during a photoshoot with CBC Backside Air, Hastings Park, 2003.
Cross Grab Air

Boneless, RDS skatepark, 2005.

Crooked nose stall Frontside Crooked Nose Stall, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Kick out air Ninja Air, The Shred Shed (Cract Pipe), 2004.
Wall ride Wall Ride, The Shred Shed (Cract Pipe), 2004.
Air Backside Air, Hastings Park, 2003.
Front side side-stance stall (back in fakie!) Frog Stall, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Outer foot 50-50 50-50 Grind, Hastings Park, 2003.
Transfer to 50-50 grind Air to 50-50 Grind on the extension, The Shred Shed (Cract Pipe), 2004.
Air in the sun Backside Air, Hastings Park, 2003.
Animated Images
180 stall spine transfer Backside Stall to 180 spine transfer, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Spine transfer Air over the spine, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Ally oop back side plate grind Alley Oop to Backside Mini Plate Grind, Friction Sk8park, 2003.
Vert transfer Transfer in the vert ramp, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Ally oop disaster I was going for an alley oop air and something went very wrong. I landed badly on my right shoulder and tore a ligament. Ow, that hurt for a very long time!
When the coping bites back... I don't know if it is just me, but I am always smashing my shins on the coping! Thanks to numerous injuries like this one, I don't have any nerve endings in my shins anymore.
50-50 grind to SPLAT! This was one of my very first attempts at a 50-50 grind. Pretty goofy looking !
Transfer to wall ride Wall ride. The Shred Shed (Cract Pipe), 2003.
Hand plant Handplant in the vert ramp, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Carving hastings Little run at Hastings Park, 2006. Backside air, carve a little, plate grind, frontside stall and out.
Hastings Weekend Hastings Weekend, Hastings Park, 2003.
Backside plate grind Plate grind, Hastings Park, 2006.
270 transfer Alley Oop transfer, RDS skatepark, 2005.
Fakie 360 Backside 360 at RDS skatepark, 2005.
one foot 50-50 grind One foot 50-50, Hastings Park, 2003.

RollerGirl's Biography

Hi! My name is Lisa Suggitt but most people know me as RollerGirl. I have been roller skating since I was a little girl and I don't even remember a time when I didn't know how to skate; I was born a roller skater.

----my first pair of roller skates were Dominion kids skates with white boots and red precision wheels. I was 5 years old. They were 2 sizes too big and I loved them!

I liked roller skating as a child because of the speed and freedom I felt on my roller skates. I would zoom around the neighborhood with my friends or skate at the local roller rink with my sister. In the summer, I would put my skates on in the morning and not take them off until it got dark.

As a teenager, I took up skateboarding. I skated recreationally and also dabbled in aggressive skateboarding at the local skateparks. Several years later, I had the crazy idea of bringing my roller skates to the skatepark. I had never seen anyone else ride this way but I knew it could be done. My love for aggressive roller skating was born - in retrospect, my crazy idea was one of the best I've ever had even if it had been done before.

--The first skates that I used for aggressive skating were a pair of used Micron skates. They were bright blue with a hologram on the heel. They were so beautiful! I bought them at a garage sale for $20.

I scoured the Internet looking for others that rode their roller skates in the ramps and bowls. I found very little information, just a few photos from old contests in the 70's and 80's.

--My first serious aggressive roller skates were a real treasure. They had Bauer Oak Street boots (80's yellow and black soft shelled hockey boots) with Independent plates and trucks. Independent is a renowned skateboard truck manufacturer that made roller skate plates for a very brief time in the 80's. They also had old school Kryptonics Wheels and wicked German bearings. My brother-in-law gave me these skates. They had been his roller-hockey skates, but do to an injury they had sat unused for more than a decade in his closet!

My boyfriend, now known as WebsiteBoy, was inspired to create a website to collect information about aggressive roller skating and to document my progress as a beginner aggressive skater. It was 2001 and was born.

I was beginning to realize how much roller skating had meant to my generation and to the generations before it as well. Everywhere I went, people were really excited about my roller skates. I would get chased down in the street by ladies screaming: "Where did you get those skates?!". In comparison I just couldn't imagine anyone being so emotionally touched by an inline skate. I thought it was sad that roller skates weren't accessible for most people anymore, and I decided to do something about it. I found a few suppliers and started making customized skates for outdoor recreational skating. Our roller skate shop was born!

--At the present moment I have 7 pairs of roller skates. Every time we take on a new product, I have to test it out :D At the moment I am riding: Vertigo, Big Foot, Urban Roller, Riedell 125 Speed Ray, Carrera Fugitive, Momentum, Bad Kitty.

In 2006 I got involved in roller derby, which is a ridiculous amount of fun. I love all my derby girls and the game is challenging and rewarding for me as both a player and a coach.

Some of my other hobbies include snowboarding, skimboarding, camping, hiking, cooking, eating (I am really good at this one!), sewing and playing Super Mario. My favorite color is pink, as you can probably tell by the website!




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