1. fog city rollers

fog city rollers

in St. John, New Brunswick

The Fog City Rollers are a women's flat track league based out of Saint John, New Brunswick. The league was founded in February 2010 by Darla Derringer and Suzie Skinher, two ladies with a dream they couldn't ignore. They held two Meet & Greets within two months and over 40 women attended the first practice in April of 2010, thus proving the need for a Saint John Roller Derby team!

League management is made up of skaters who have been democratically elected by the league, and currently includes the Director of Finance - alien she, Director of Personnel - Allie B. Bashin', Director of Marketing - Fancy Nancy, and Director of Operations - Dame Smashews. Relevant committees report to their respective directors. None of these are paid positions. We believe in the need for our organization to be female run with a DIY ethic.

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