1. greater vancouver roller derby

greater vancouver roller derby

in Cloverdale, British Columbia

In October 2010, a group of pre-existing skaters joined forces to create the Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association. Brought together by our shared passion for North America's fastest growing sport, and inspired by our fellow skaters to create a positive athletic environment open to both men and women, we set up shop in Cloverdale, British Columbia, and shortly thereafter joined our men's and women's teams under one roof as we set out to change the face of local roller derby.

Our skaters are drafted onto one of four house teams: our three female teams, the Anarchy Angels, Smokin' Laces, and Doomsday Bunnies; and our brother league, the Vancouver Murder. In autumn 2011 we also started our first ‘Raw Talent' recruitment, and since then have had no shortage of skaters joining for the coming seasons. We would be nothing without our fantastic referees as well, who are affectionately known as the ‘Mob', keeping us in line with rules, regulations and safety on all accounts. There would be no gameplay without them.

Not only are our skaters and refs fantastic amateur athletes, they are people just like you. Our players are made up of people from all walks of life, skill levels, careers and backgrounds, but we all share one common desire to play the sport, have fun doing it, and provide great entertainment! Variety is the spice of life and our all men's, all women's, and co-ed events keep you on the edge of your seat. This isn't your Ma and Pa's derby. From our exciting games, to our themed events and ever-changing half time shows, you've never seen derby like this. None of our events are ‘staged'. True sport and excitement for the senses.

In February 2015 the Vancouver Murder Men's Roller Derby Team officially separated from the Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association. Don't worry, there are no bad feelings! We're all still friends!! The Vancouver Murder leaving the league will allow this women's only league more possibilities in the future. We love our Murder Brothers and want to thank them for all their help. We look forward to cheering them on the track! Watch out MRDA, The Vancouver Murder are coming!

Along with our love for derby, we the members come together to keep our league alive. We are responsible for putting our events together from beginning to end, fundraising for charities, helping out in our community, and supporting other leagues in any way that we can. We pay to play, and are committed to providing our fans with the fullest roller derby experience that we possibly can.

The Mainland Misfits are honoured to be rolling into 2016 as one of WFTDA's newest member leagues! Over a year ago, our league membership agreed to apply for an apprenticeship with WFTDA as a pivotal step towards our collective goals; to continue to develop our league, to play competitively at the highest level possible, to legitimize our league and sport, and to be active in the shaping the future of Roller Derby.

In 2018 the Mainland Misfits renamed the league to better identify with the our fabulous city of Vancouver. We are now the Greater Vancouver Roller Derby Association (GVRDA).

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