1. highland derby dolls

highland derby dolls

in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

The Kickin' Vixens have spent the last two years training to get Bout ready. Taking part in any clinic or scrimmage we can has prepared us to jump into the season ready to play. 2014 marked our 1st official Bouting season for the Kickin' Vixens and we were very excited after so much hard work and training, having travelled all over the Maritimes playing bouts and taking in all the experience of our opponents.

With the help of our Coach Hurry (Hurricane Jackie # 155) who stayed with us for a year after moving here from Texas we were able to enter this years season feeling like we had grown so much. Hurry's stay was temporary, moving back to the USA in the summer of 2014 which left us with one option......seek help from other leagues.

We would like to say a Huge Thanks to all of our friends from other leagues who have helped us on our bench in our 2014 Season. Rotten Rob from MuddyRiver Rollers, Shreddy Crocker from Muddy River Rollers, Brad Pittiful from Fog City Rollers & Spec Ops Ref. With all of your help we have been able to take all you've taught us and mould the Kickin' Vixens into a stronger team.

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