1. kingston derby girls

kingston derby girls

in Kingston, Ontario

Back in the fall of 2009, three fresh-faced girls (OK, three thirty-something mothers to eight young children between them) set out to join a roller derby league in Kingston. Much to their chagrin, no such group existed.

Not easily deterred, this plucky (and perhaps naïve) triumvirate set out to bring derby to Kingston, hoping for 15 to 20 skaters to join them to share the cost of renting a rink once or twice a week. Within three hours of registration, 66 brave women had signed up to become the inaugural members of the Kingston Derby Girls, Kingston's first roller derby league, and sports and recreation haven't been the same in this town since.

Wanting to show KDG's hometown what derby was all about, the league hosted an exhibition bout in September of 2010, hoping to see enough bums in seats to cover the cost of renting the venue. Tickets to Back to Cruel blazed out of the hands of the local businesses that had been kind enough to sell them, and the first bout started half an hour late in order to allow the 2,300 fans time to find their seats at the Kingston Memorial Centre. As our young upstarts had hoped, Kingston was ready for derby.

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