1. squamish roller derby

squamish roller derby

in Squamish, British Columbia

...the odds of finding enough interested and eligible women to form a Roller Derby team in a town of 15,000 people seemed slim. Nevertheless, in the fall of 2008, some crazy (and possibly desperate) former member of Toronto Roller Derby decided that such a team was exactly what her new home town needed. Things started off slowly, with a group of six girls meeting on evenings and weekends to skate on the streets and in parking lots. In the spring of 2010, the group gained sudden momentum as each practice saw more and more participants joining in.

The Squamish Women's Roller Derby Association became a registered non-profit society in September 2010, with a group of nearly 30 members. Not too shabby for small town Squamish! Not that anyone should be surprised; as we all know Squamish is full of tough, athletic, and adventurous women, and this is well represented on the track.

The Squamish Roller Derby website