1. terminal city roller derby

terminal city roller derby

in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Terminal City Rollergirls are Vancouver's first female roller derby league. Established in 2006, our league is composed of local women who discovered this revolutionary way to combine athleticism, creativity, and female empowerment.
Since its inception, the Terminal City Rollergirls have set out to make our mark on Vancouver. Our mission is threefold:

- To showcase exhilarating live sporting events featuring strong female athletes;
- To improve each member's athletic ability, self-discipline and character;
- To work together to improve our communities as a whole.

Since 2006, the Terminal City Rollergirls league has grown exponentially! What started out as a meeting over nachos with a handful of women has spawned a league that is now over 10 years strong, and continues to grow and evolve.

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