Atom Poison Slim Wheels (HALF SET) 1

Great beginner indoor/outdoor derby wheels. Excellent for slippery surfaces or as a “pusher” wheel. Very grippy, but may be a little slow.

Recommended for:
  • BEGINNERS - these are a great first derby wheel, grip, control, and not a whole lot of speed
  • GRIP - great for slippery surfaces, super grippy.
  • PUSHERS - use these wheels in combination with a harder wheel for a better grip/speed balance
  • SKATING INDOOR AND OUTDOORS! - hybrid wheels so you can take them out without having to swap your wheels!

Not usually recommended for:
  • SPEED - not ideal for anyone looking for a ton of speed
  • GRIPPY SURFACES - not ideal for a surface that is already grippy, will feel extra slow and sticky
  • HEAVYWEIGHTS - skaters over 200lbs will benefit from a harder wheel with a stiffer core

  • Colour: Bright Neon Green - as in image
  • Height: 62mm
  • Width: 38mm (slim)
  • Hardness: 84A durometer (very grippy!)
  • Core: Nylon
  • Sold in sets of 4 (for a full set of you will need to buy 2 sets)
  • Bearings not included

Weight: 770g (for 8 wheels)

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