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fantastic for the cracked tennis court i used to skate on. i'm trying to do park stuff now since my town is hopeless for street skating (EVERY STREET IS A HILL/HILLY IN SOME WAY) but if you've got a flatter town and wanna meander around it doesn't get better than these. it feels like skating through butter and pebbles are virtually unnoticable, especially if you loosen your trucks. 10/10 please buy if you have crappy roads!!!

Rated by Ellie

Love these! Much bigger than the radar 57s I was using outside. I can roll over so many more cracks and bumps, I'm picking up speed even on an uphill. I feel my wheels are actually pushing me further now.

Rated by oliver

I got the pink ones, they’re mega cute. I’ve been using them for a bit now, I like them when street skating:) they’re pretty soft so riding over pebbles doesn’t throw me too off balance :D

Rated by Natalia

I absolutely love them! They were a little to get used to at first, but they are a very comfortable ride and very fast :)

Rated by Mabel

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