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I LOVE these wheels! I upgraded from the Radar Zens to these. Bumpy roads are still bumpy and they did okay but once I got them onto smooth newer pavement, WOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I couldn't stop skating! I could barely skate back home I was so tired! Such a smooth fun ride! I feel like a little kid! I use them for fitness, practicing my transitions back to front, and general fooling around in a big parking lot. I have zero regrets investing in these wheels!

Rated by Andrea Erwin

Today, I took my very first ride on quads, with these wheels! Now, my city has horrendous streets, bridges, and construction sites. With my usual rollerblade wheels, it wasn't as smooth as with these. Now I feel safe enough to use my quads to go to school on a daily basis. Of course, they're pretty quick too!

Rated by David Boisclair

Got this a few months ago, and LOVE them! Though the roads in my area are a bit bumpy, I'm still able to roll over it all and remain upright. Plus they're neon yellow, so you're more visible (well, slightly)!

Rated by Emily Jones

HOLLY COW!! These are sweet!!! As my first time skating outside I did awesome lol!! Nice wheels!!

Rated by Terri Dolph

I upgraded this past annual sale from my Radar Fuels to the Road Hogs, I have been BLOWN AWAY with the speed and how smooth the ride has been since switching. I wish I had bought two pairs, I love these so much! They are light weight, easy to install the bearings, and pretty much my favourite wheels right now. I love skating for distance, and I would say these are a must-have for any die hard outdoor skaters. Wish I upgraded sooner! I ride on Rebel Competitors with Qube 8Ball Bearings.

Rated by Johammer Manhandlesen

Great wheels! I skate on pretty bumpy roads in my town and these wheels are soft enough to absorb some of the shock. Very wide wheel that was expect a different feel when doing any agility training. I mostly use them for conditioning and fitness. Also I found that I didn't trip on the smallest pebbles so I became confident in my outdoor skating pretty fast! I recommend these for anyone looking for a quality outdoor wheel.

Rated by Jes Kohut

I have these as my outdoor wheels. They offer a super smooth, fast ride. A little more weight than the usual outdoor wheel, but not enough to complain about. As a seasoned skater, I LOVE these, but I wouldn't recommend to those who have trouble controlling their speed or stopping. To everyone else: 5 Stars; Buy these.

Rated by Melissa Harris

I live in England, and you haven't seen bumpy roads until you've seen England. These wheels are amazing. I was expecting to feel more bump and less speed than my rollerblades (which have pretty nice wheels themselves) but these things are just as good and just as fast, with maybe more stability since I've got the quad setup instead of an inline setup. Definitely possible for commuting, and fun for just messing around without having to go to a rink.

Rated by Ashley Van Beusekom

These wheels are fast and smooth! Fastest and softest outdoor ride I've ever had. I do find, because they are so soft, that if you hit a rough patch or a bump at high speed, they can actually bite into it a bit and pitch you forward. So, if you are clipping along, just shift your weight back onto your heels when you hit a bump, and you won't go ass over teakettle.

Rated by Andrea Fraser-Winsby
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