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I love my Avenger plates ! They made me a better skater by being so responsive and yet controllable. I would recommend also buying softer cushions when you buy your plates. Thank to Roller Girl, I could figure out what plate size I needed with my skates. Don't be shy to ask them if you have a gear related question !

Rated by Joëlle

I purchased these plates along with my Antik AR2 boots and had them mounted and shipped to me and I am in love! These plates are crazy but in the best way. Super light, extra squirrely with so much room for variation. I am a new - intermediate skater who plays roller derby and does A LOT of street / path skating and these were amazing. Can't wait for summer to hit so I can take them out again.

Rated by Renee

Had mine since april. Great plates. Light weight and durable.

Rated by Miranda

2 words. F*** yeaaa. These are awesome. Just to know that my toe stops are finally safe and not poping out, is a huge release of stress. Passing from 15 to 45 degrees wasnt too hard for me but for sure asked for some adjustments. And now, I love them :) I personnally dont see much different weight wise while skating thought.

Rated by Anne-Marie

These are great.. Super light and the response is even better... If your looking for something light and don't want to break the bank these are what you want..

Rated by Jenny

I have been recommending these to roller derby skaters since I first examined them. They offer all of the things you want in a plate. Lightweight construction as they are cast Magnesium, VERY tunable action as they are a D/A 45 plate, and....adjustable pivots. I have mounted 6 pair of these already, and have 3 more to do in the immediate future. Currently the best bang for the buck for skate pates! Also have to say that Rollergirl's service is second to none!

Rated by Leon

These plates are amazing. I am a new-intermediate skater and was finding that I had trouble with my lateral movement. I'm also a a bit of a gear fan, so I had been looking into DA 45 plates when I found the prototype blog for these. I waited and waited, then waited some more, in hopes that these plates would be everything I hoped they would be. Simple answer is that yes, they were everything I hoped they would be. What had I hoped for? Lightweight, great carve, excellent speed, comfortable stepping ability. If you want a phenomenal plate that is squirrelly enough to have it's own personality, yet controlled enough to behave when you need it to, this is the plate for you! It also wins in the weight department. This is the best piece of equipment I have purchased to date (besides my fresh meat pkg of course).

Rated by Claire

I had always told myself that once I was drafted to a team from Fresh Meat, I would treat myself to a new skate set up. RollerGirl helped me choose these to upgrade from my Fresh Meat Diablo's to a Riedell leather boot, and these plates. They are so receptive to your movements that I recommend giving yourself some extra time to get used to them. I felt a bit like Bambi on these at first! As a relatively new skater, I am still working on my skills, and these plates give me the movement I need without feeling like I am sacrificing stability. Now, I just need to custom paint them to go with my team colours and they will be perfect.

Rated by Aldera

I skate as a blocker / pivot / Jammer, and was looking for a plate lighter than the powerdyne dynapro plate... and came across the suregrip magnesium plate. Overall, the plate is far lighter than my previous set up.. and it feels far more maneuverable than my previous plate. It's a great plate and a good alternative to the popular revenge plates.. and also far cheaper!

Rated by Melodie

Purchased these plates with Bont Hybrid boots, such an amazing difference between the new skates and my old R3s. Very very light, incredibly responsive, really fun to play around in. You almost can't compare them to nylon plates. So happy with my purchase, and felt really comfortable with the staff while they worked out the best options for my skating style. _3 Chic and Twisted - Public Frenemy - Terminal City Rollergirls

Rated by Stace

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