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Spring Rush Delays

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I started with the Sure Grip Rebel....i have a wide toe and skinny ankles, and i got those for my wide toes. These fit great. I only had minor discomfort for the break in period for about two practices. My foot actually stays flush with the bottom of my skate now. I was also no longer need insoles in my boots because of how these support my arches.

Rated by Sarah

I started out in Riedell 265s but they were too wide for my feet. Tried these on and loved them! After practicing in them for a month, I love them even more. They have molded to my feet with no break in pains. I don't think I will ever try other ones.

Rated by Heather

I started skating on ridel R3s that were and entire size too big. I did my first derby practice on these last night and it was like night and day, my feet were actually doing what I told them too. The plates are very reactive and the heel is nice and snug for my super narrow feet. The leather is gorgeous, they're very well made. The customer service was amazing as well! I'm so happy with these!

Rated by Denise

I love my blue streaks! I've wanted these skates for a while and they're everything I've hoped they would be. I'm skating on 91A Halo's, and they're perfect for my practice space floor. Would highly recommend these skates!! beautiful, comfortable and practical. worth it! Deb OwnCrusher #209 VJRD/Calgary Derby Association

Rated by Amy

I started skating in Riedell 265s (which were too wide for my feet). Then I upgraded to Reidell 495s, the narrow boot. I loved them to bits! I had seen another girl 's Blue Streaks and fell in love. These also have the narrow boot (B/AA last) but the toe seems a bit roomier because the way the sides and tongue are designed, and the lacing doesn't start right at the sole of the boot on the tongue as it does on the 495s. The kanga leather is soft and supple and these feel really cushy from the first skate. They have a different heel lock system, but I find it's just as snug as the 495s. I had a Powerdyne Revenge plate on my 495s but these come with the Rival plate. I like it very much! There was very little "break in" time. The first time I wore them was for a 10 mile outdoor skate, then the second time was the same. I wore them on Saturday night to ref a double header and they felt great all night long. Just one little tender spot on my ankle but I think that was more from sweaty sock rubbing than the boot. If you want a well made, comfy, narrow skate boot, I vote for this one.

Rated by Terri

Love love love these skates. Purchased in-store, after many years on my fresh meat package. The staff were incredibly helpful and walked me through everything and properly fitted me for the skates. The design is awesome, makes lace bite impossible, heat moldable, great leather and good aesthetics to boot... Easy in the budget. So happy I saw the wonderful athletes of RollerGirl in person. Thanks a million. I'm a super happy customer.

Rated by Justene

These are great skates. I was unsure of my size but thought I had small/narrow feet, so I emailed back and forth with rollergirl and used the Riedell measuring chart. They fit me perfect in the A/B and right to the length as the chart said they would. They look very nice with high quality leather. Plates seem very durable-- I'm using them for outdoor skating so that is important to me (swapped out the wheels).

Rated by Ashley
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