Bones Big Balls Bearings 1

BIG BALLS, the newest member of the REDS family. BIG BALLS are engineered to roll faster and last longer by using 6, 17% larger balls, like the legendary Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings. These larger balls let you roll faster, and keep rolling right through dirt that slows smaller balls down. This makes BIG BALLS a great choice for skaters looking for more speed and longer life in their bearings.

Recommended for:
  • Putting in your skate wheels (roller, skateboard, inline etc)
  • Skaters looking for fast, durable 8mm bearings!

Not usually recommended for:
  • Those looking for budget bearings
  • Those looking for 7mm bearings

  • Sold in sets of 16 bearings
  • Each bearing has 6 balls
  • Available in 8mm only

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