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I dedicate my skating life to these bearings. With the carerra boots on the kryptonic wheels, these are the perfect bearing for someone with a healthy and well guided death wish. I will be buried with my skates, and in my heaven, there will be no rain, tonnes of black top, and there will always be a fresh set of bones reds available. Viva la roadrash. -Whiskey Sour

Rated by danica

Solid choice you cannot go wrong with these I have a few pairs. Make sure you take care of your bearings.

Rated by Sarah

I love these bearings! They are fantastic and the quality is great.

Rated by Stephanie

It's amazing the difference a set of good bearings can make. These were so much better I almost felt guilty for making my skate workout easier! Will definitely order again.

Rated by Ruth

I absolutely LOVE these bearings. They're the best for the price that you could ever get and I'm honestly very surprised that they're not priced higher. If you're looking to step up your game from some Abec 1's-5's or even from 9's for an affordable rate, this is the way to go.

Rated by Brooke

Huge upgrade from my previous bearings that appeared to be lubricated by the tears of slow skaters. I can glide for quite awhile now and hills are no where near as much effort as before. Go slow at first if you were used to garbage for bearings as I was. They are fast.

Rated by Steve

i love, love these bearings. The roll out is amazing & the price is great!

Rated by Tamer

These berings are soo smooth! i'm so glad I'm so glad I decided to go with them. C.

Rated by Carla

Great bearings at a great price. Fantastic service and support from RollerGirl!!

Rated by Michael

Fun-tastically fast bearings!!! The price is right, the bearings are smooth...

Rated by Corinne
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