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Roller skating is a great way to get exercise, feel good, and have a little bit of normalcy in your life while maintaining your social distances. We are working hard to keep providing you with all you need to keep rolling, while ensuring your safety and the safety and well being of our staff.

Here is what we are doing:

  • We have closed our Vancouver BC retail store. Instead, we are offering no-contact store pickup.
  • We are working with a bare bones staff of three healthy people (Zoe, Nic and Lisa) who chose to keep working, and who have essentially been in isolation together. Even so, each staff is isolated in their own location or on their own floor whenever possible, or physicly distancing in our huge 3800sqft facility.
  • Shipping and receiving is done in a sanitized environment and the shippers wear gloves.
  • Stock reception and courier pick-up is done via a no-contact procedure.
  • The common surfaces of the facility (and door handles, phones, tools etc) are sanitized daily.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support.


Average rating based on 9 review(s)

This is my current set up and I love it. The boots, because they're fully heat mouldable, are hella comfy and the whole set up is super light. there is some transition from other skates, the bont boot doesn't have a stacked heel, and the plates are hella responsive, but well worth the learning process.

Rated by Stace Synkiw

I've only skated in my new Bonts (with Powerdyne Revenge plates) twice now, but I can safely say I'm in love. The heat molded fit is snug and comfortable, and will likely save me a fortune in tape and nylons. I weighed one of my Riedell 126 boots with nylon plate and Diamond wheels against the Bont/revenge with Boom wheels, and the Bonts were %33 lighter! There was a short period of adjustment with these, mainly due to the trucks being shorter, and far looser than I'm used to, but the lack of raised heel was less of a concern than I'd feared.

Rated by mike west

The bonts are so amazing and super light. no blistering, no break in time. they are like slippers on your feet, like skating on a cloud. i love that they fit your foot like a glove and u can heat mold them. they do take some time to get use to skating in but it did not take long 1 or 2 times and i was up and going. the response with this boot and the avenger plate is amazing. I would not recommend for a beginner skater. Customizing the boot did take longer to arrive but well worth waiting for. Best purchase ever made! and i have tried alot of skates. AAA+++++++

Rated by suzanne noble

I don't have to think about my feet. I think it and they do it... and so comfy. It's like I'm training in socks. So glad I got these :)

Rated by Harlee Morgan

These skates are amazing! They are extremely light, comfy and versatile! I can't wait to put them on again!!! Thanks RollerGirl!

Rated by Sarah Laczko

I have been skating on my Bont Avengers for four months now. I love the Avenger plates - very maneuverable and light. The semi-custom Bont boots are terrific; they fit nice and snug, and the leather is holding up nicely to the wear and tear of derby use (though the colour trim is a slightly different story, it wears away particularly on the cinch). The close fit makes toestop work much easier. I love these skates. Well worth the investment, especially considering the amount of time I spend on them!

Rated by Claire Lacey

I'm so happy with my Bont/Avenger setup. I love the lower cut boot, and with the heel cinch it feels like the boots are molded to my feet. I got a pretty snug sizing and I'm happy I did because they have loosened up as I've broken them in. Probably because they were so snug I did have a short break-in period, but it was way less painful than my last boot. It took a few practices to get used to the plate/sport mount set up.

Rated by Marissa Balahura

I can't think of a way to improve these skates and I haven't even had the chance to heat mold them yet! Was going to keep my old skates for outdoor use, but I rather keep switching the wheels on my new Bonts instead of using my old freshmeat starter skates. Was going to buy these, or the Antiks. I ended up going for these because of their 45 degree (ankle) strap, lack of 'boot' hindrance, lack of heel, and lighter weight. These skates perform exactly as I wanted them to! Would buy again, maybe a half-size larger to accommodate an insole arch support (my bad, not Rollergirl's!) Jus thought I'd mention that in case you should think about it, too (of course, the boot is flat as there is no heel).

Rated by kimberlee dirkson

Service from RollerGirls has been fantastic... I could gush and gush about them and their customer service, fast delivery, answering all my questions, etc - but think I better stick to my purchase... These skates are awesome! When I put them on for the first time, having skated on Riedell Wicked set up for 10 months, I could instantly feel the difference in weight. I wasn't able to wear them for the full three hours at the first training session as I had a bit of rubbing on my right heel. I decided to heat mould them (that's a scary process) and since then there is no looking back. They are light and fast. Haven't had a chance to try 27 in 5 yet but I'm sure they'll help me be quicker. I can certainly jump and turn much faster. Only thing that is a bit of niggle... the toe is too soft. Needs a good cover to add a bit of protection. Going to make some toe guards and get some pointe (ballet) toe pads. Even with that - they are still GREAT!

Rated by Rena Crossley
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