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Bont Hybrid Carbon - Boot Only 1

NEWEST GENERATION OF THE BONT HYBRID CARBON BOOTS. With toe bumper and new heel retention system. Great boots for skaters that want to feel like they have nothing on their feet. Super light, soft leather, very little break in time. BOOTS ONLY

Recommended for:
  • Skaters looking for light boots
  • Intermediate to advanced skaters - not a lot of support or structure
  • Skaters in a hurry - these boots are in stock and ready to go
  • Skaters with bunions - these skates are extremely heat moldable and can be made to conform to bunions and other foot irregularities
  • Regular to wide feet

Not usually recommended for:
  • Beginner skaters - these boots offer a minimal amount of support
  • Narrow Feet - standard boots fit a little on the wide side - they are customizable in narrower fits

  • Newest Generation Bont Hybrid Carbon - NOT SHOWN IN PIC
  • Carbon fiber sole - light, strong, rigid
  • Kangaroo leather upper - soft, supple, easy break in
  • Colour - All black leather
  • Available in full and half sizes

Sizing Confirmation:

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