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Bont Prostar Prodigy 1Bont Prostar Prodigy 2

These skates are a lightweight 3/4 height boot, with a wide, ergonomic toe box. They are mounted on a fibreglass reinforced nylon plate that will outperform a standard plastic plate. They offer ankle support but are still flexible enough that they don't restrict movement for hockey stops or deep plow stops.

Recommended for:
  • Skaters looking for ankle support
  • Vegetarians - these are a full Microfibre and fibreglass boot
  • Skaters needing a snug heel
  • Skaters looking for a lightweight skate
  • Skaters with regular to wide feet
  • Skaters who weigh up to 275lbs.

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters looking for high end aluminum plates
  • Skaters with really narrow feet - these boots have a wider, boxier fit
  • Skaters looking for super padded skates - these are a bit rigid when new but break in nicely

  • Bont Prostar - Microfibre and fibreglass
  • Bont Prodigy Plate - Nylon & fibreglass composite plate, with 20 degree king pin for better action
  • Bont FX1 92A Wheels - Only compatible with Bont mini bearings
  • Bont 688 Mini bearings
  • 5/8" stopper


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