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Bont Prostar Skate Park 1Bont Prostar Skate Park 2

Hit the ramps with these fully customized skate park skates. This package is light, comfortable and offers medium support.

Recommended for:
  • Skate park skating
  • Skaters with regular to wide feet
  • Skaters looking for a lighter park skate
  • Skaters looking for a shorter heeled, speed style skate

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters with narrow feet
  • Skaters who prefer a high heeled skate - see our other options

  • Boot: Bont Prostar Microfiber
  • Plates: Bont Tracer Aluminum
  • Trucks: Wide Bont Grind Trucks, 2.3" Width & Standard Tracer trucks included
  • Slide Bars: Discoblox
  • Wheels: Bont Flow Wheels 89A or 99A
  • Bearings: Mini Logo
  • Stoppers: Bont

Note: **Other wheel, bearing and slide bar options are available by request. Contact us for more information ***

Standard stock item. Usually ships same or next business day.


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