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I’m in love with these skates, they are so comfortable and I feel so secure jumping and trying all types of tricks on them. They were a bit stiff and bulky at the beginning, but as soon as I started breaking them in it was great. No regrets! Would really recommend.

Rated by Alba

I love these skates. I wish I had met them before alllll of my other skates! I want sure how the switch from heeled skates to sneaker skates would go but these are cushioned enough that my ankle actually feels very secure in them (more so than my lollys!) ((Actually, I returned a pair of Lolly's FOR these skates and have zero regrets)) I haven't tried them at the skate park (yet) but I love to bust a (beginner) move in them! The Chaya sugar rush wheels that came on them are a dream on the floors in the house. Just enough slide, just enough stick and the perfect size. I tried switching out the chaya wheels for fundaes but ended up switching them back because I much prefer the sugar rush wheels. They had virtually no break in time. They are super comfy. I can skate in them for hours. I really think these are underrated!

Rated by Tasha
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