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These kneepads are amazing! You don't feel a thing when you fall on them. They also fit great if you're a bigger derby girl or have larger legs.

Rated by Lisa

My knees are very thankful for these 187 pro core pads they are like landing on pillows everytime :) very durable and comfortable, If you need lots of protection these are the right choice and replaceable caps help spread your dollar in the long run

Rated by Nova

After a knee injury I found myself afraid to fall down. This made me a liability on the track as I'd wobble and grab out for whoever I could get to keep me up, usually ending up taking them down with me. No more! I got these lovely kneepads and spent and afternoon practising my falls and...the fear is gone. They're so big and sturdy that I don't worry about injuring myself anymore. They're quite bulky, but so am I so it works out okay. Of the higher level knee pads, the XLs were the only one that fit around my supersized thighs.

Rated by Ashley

Great kneepads for bigger skaters. I have the XL's and I can do knee drops and slides more confidently. The plastic shell can be pulled off if it is damaged and replaced with a new one without having to buy a brand new pad. AWESOME

Rated by Jeff

These knee pads are like falling on fluffy clouds! I love them!!! When I got them in the mail I immediately tried them out by strapping them on and throwing myself to the ground on the laminate (nobody was home to see this display of awesomeness..LOL) They were like having two super thick pillows strapped to my knees! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. That and the fact you can replace the plastic guards!

Rated by Sue

I am hard on knee pads. I've been through three pairs in the last year and a half. After trying several different types these are the ones that I keep coming back to. They feel like falling on a cloud.

Rated by Kat

I really like these! They're quite bulky for me, as I am a fairly small skater with skinny arms and legs. It's almost like having a second pair of legs in the way at first. I quickly adjusted to them though and now they're great. I've never had bruised knee caps or anything with them. I've had them nearly 2 years now and they seem to be holding up fine still. No tears or cracks at all, the neoprene has just stretched a little but thats fine.

Rated by Lori

I've tried a few different knee pads and they are all too thin for a heavy weight skater. I would always have knee pain every time I fell or they would slide up. These 187 pro core knee pads fit like a glove and when I fall on my knees, I don't feel 220 pounds fall on them. These are perfect for heavy weight skaters like myself or anyone who has had a knee injury and afraid to fall. You won't feel anything in these! A+

Rated by Melissa

These pads are amazing! It's like falling on pillows! A teammate told me that these were worth the extra money, especially for fresh meat and she was right.

Rated by Emily

Having sustained a knee injury prior to finding Roller Derby, I was pointed towards these knee pads, and I must say they are amazing. I'm not a small girl and I fall hard, these keep my knees feel wonderfully protected and they feel great after a practice. I love them!

Rated by Amy
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