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I got these a while back before you had them here and they are AWESOME!!!! Very lightweight, not super bulky and have literally saved my a** on numerous occasions.

Rated by Lisa

These have saved my tail bone more than once....I would recommend these to fresh meat and those who have injured their butt!

Rated by Lorraine Hughes

I wished I had these for the first two practices where I landed on my tailbone. Since getting these I haven't landed on my arse. These are super comfy and I think they bring good luck.

Rated by Leloni Gillard

I bought these with my fresh Meat package. They are super comfy, make me feel more confident, and due to Murphys' Law, because I have them I haven't stacked it too bad...YET! PRIMO customer service too.

Rated by sarah maclean

I am new to roller derby, and these shorts have saved my but! Literally so many times! They helped my build my confidence knowing that if and when I fell on my but it wouldn't be a big deal! Super comfortable and you can hide them under most other derby shorts but I don't they look fine by themselves! Great product, my tailbone has never been happier, thanks rollergirl!

Rated by Kendra Tripp

I tell everyone I will be buried in these pants! I love them!

Rated by Suzy Miller

These shorts are amazing! First time I wore them I landed three times on my tailbone on concrete and didn't feel a thing. They're light and cool and slim enough to fit under shorts, leggings, etc.

Rated by Olivia Flynn-Gomez

Absolutely love these. They were worth the money since my first on-skate practice....of course that was last week, but they were needed quickly.

Rated by Jessica Elsaesser

I Love my Crash pads I don't know where my tailbone would be without them! I tell all the fresh meat that they are definitely something you want on your first order. They are totally 110% worth buying!

Rated by Dom Frenette

Slightly bulkier padding than I was expecting, but my bones thank you for it! ;)

Rated by Leila Paugh
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