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I got these a while back before you had them here and they are AWESOME!!!! Very lightweight, not super bulky and have literally saved my a** on numerous occasions.

Rated by Lisa

I brought these primarily for tail-bone protection, after a bad fall early on. I really liked the low-profile look/feel and the pads on the hips. Although I have not had another hard bum-fall since, I feel as though I would have good protection if/when I do. However, the side padding was a little high to protect where I really need it, which is a little lower - more at the top of the thigh. This is just where the brunt of my weight goes, and I like that my hips and tail-bone are covered as they have less natural padding! If they were lower, they may save me a few big lumpy bruises, but they would also be more noticable. I have been extreemly happy with the snug fit - they stay put - and fit nicely under a skirt or pair of booty shorts, as well as being very durable (I just put in the washine machine without a care). I would reccomend going with a size smaller than you'd think - I am 5'9", med build, and went with a small so they would stay snug.

Rated by Zoe McGovern

I got these as a birthday gift (Though a little late for my bruised tailbone) and I love 'em. They;re great under my booty shorts and I've fallen on my butt-bone since and no pain. YAY!

Rated by Brianna Shannon

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my butt pads! It makes me more confident on the track, I don't care how or when I fall. They are not too bulky, and provide great protection!

Rated by candice cole

I Love my Crash pads I don't know where my tailbone would be without them! I tell all the fresh meat that they are definitely something you want on your first order. They are totally 110% worth buying!

Rated by Dom Frenette

Absolutely love these. They were worth the money since my first on-skate practice....of course that was last week, but they were needed quickly.

Rated by Jessica Elsaesser

I tell everyone I will be buried in these pants! I love them!

Rated by Suzy Miller

I am new to roller derby, and these shorts have saved my but! Literally so many times! They helped my build my confidence knowing that if and when I fell on my but it wouldn't be a big deal! Super comfortable and you can hide them under most other derby shorts but I don't they look fine by themselves! Great product, my tailbone has never been happier, thanks rollergirl!

Rated by Kendra Tripp

I bought these with my fresh Meat package. They are super comfy, make me feel more confident, and due to Murphys' Law, because I have them I haven't stacked it too bad...YET! PRIMO customer service too.

Rated by sarah maclean

I wished I had these for the first two practices where I landed on my tailbone. Since getting these I haven't landed on my arse. These are super comfy and I think they bring good luck.

Rated by Leloni Gillard
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