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Roller skating is a great way to get exercise, feel good, and have a little bit of normalcy in your life while maintaining your social distances. We are working hard to keep providing you with all you need to keep rolling, while ensuring your safety and the safety and well being of our staff.

Here is what we are doing:

  • We have closed our Vancouver BC retail store. Instead, we are offering no-contact store pickup.
  • We are working with a bare bones staff of three healthy people (Zoe, Nic and Lisa) who chose to keep working, and who have essentially been in isolation together. Even so, each staff is isolated in their own location or on their own floor whenever possible, or physicly distancing in our huge 3800sqft facility.
  • Shipping and receiving is done in a sanitized environment and the shippers wear gloves.
  • Stock reception and courier pick-up is done via a no-contact procedure.
  • The common surfaces of the facility (and door handles, phones, tools etc) are sanitized daily.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support.


Average rating based on 36 review(s)

Slightly bulkier padding than I was expecting, but my bones thank you for it! ;)

Rated by Leila Paugh

If you fall alot these are a good idea to purchase! Has saved my butt many a :-P

Rated by Lucy Charbonneau

Definitely worth the money! I'm fresh meat and these have saved my tailbone and hips literally dozens of times already! Nobody plans to fall wrong and get hurt, but it happens. And if your busy with work and/or kids you don't have time for injuries! With these Crash Pads I'm less concerned about doing something stupid and having to go to work injured. Instead I can concentrate all my efforts on improving my fitness and learning new skills. Also, when I received the CrashPads there was a missed stitch on the shorts' inseam. I emailed and got a response right away. After they confirmed what the issue was through a photo, they told me I could take it to a local seamstress and send them the bill. Long story short: their customer service is AMAZING, and you can tell they really know their stuff!

Rated by Kelly Seymour

Best 80$ I've ever spent in my life. I'm just about 1/4 through my fresh meat and these crash pads have been a life saver. Service is amazing, super nice staff and shipping was very quick. Roller girl has yet to let me down.

Rated by Chantal Gaudreault

These are amazing! Not only are they comfy and snug but they really save your butt! Took a big fall today and I didn't feel sore at all!! This really saves you from lasting tailbone damage!

Rated by Krisztina Kiraly

I'm taller with narrow hips and I found these to be a really good fit. They're not bulky either so they didn't restrict my movement or get too hot out in the skate park or on the practice track. I gave them a couple of "gentle" test crashes and baseball slides and they were perfect! Barely a scratch on them so I think they'll last a while. Sadly the only time I had a real crash in the skate park was when I wasn't wearing them. :( Still, if you're in the market then these are a really good buy.

Rated by Kara Fenerty

I bought these for my daughter who skates in junior roller derby. She has always disliked every other padded short that she has tried, because they make her feel slower and less agile. We got these after she got taken out from the rear by a sliding skater and took a really hard tailbone shot. We can't say enough about these shorts. The padding is really solid in the places that need it and non-existent everywhere else. It gave my daughter the confidence that her tailbone and hip pointers are protected, but the lack of excess padding means that she still "feels" quick and agile.

Rated by David LaSarte-Meeks

I brought these primarily for tail-bone protection, after a bad fall early on. I really liked the low-profile look/feel and the pads on the hips. Although I have not had another hard bum-fall since, I feel as though I would have good protection if/when I do. However, the side padding was a little high to protect where I really need it, which is a little lower - more at the top of the thigh. This is just where the brunt of my weight goes, and I like that my hips and tail-bone are covered as they have less natural padding! If they were lower, they may save me a few big lumpy bruises, but they would also be more noticable. I have been extreemly happy with the snug fit - they stay put - and fit nicely under a skirt or pair of booty shorts, as well as being very durable (I just put in the washine machine without a care). I would reccomend going with a size smaller than you'd think - I am 5'9", med build, and went with a small so they would stay snug.

Rated by Zoe McGovern

I love these shorts. I'm new to derby and a bit (ok, a lot) uncoordinated and these shorts have saved my tail bone twice. Both times I did a total Fred Flintstone - feet up in the air landing square on my butt and back - and was able to skate away like it didn't happen. I was fine the next day as well. I would highly recommend these for your body and the boost in confidence they give you.

Rated by Lori Moffat

I have not crashed on my butt in these yet but they are so sleek (fit under a denim mini skirt) and I love the comfort of the extra protection!!! It is only a matter of time until they are put to work! My only complaint is they ride a little high in the waist but that is a personal preference not poor fitting pads.

Rated by Andrea
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