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So sweet, so worth it! Lightweight, comfy, and you can hardly notice them under your short-shorts. Crashing hard on concrete is not painful anymore, and getting knocked backwards on your behind is also kind of enjoyable now with these crash pads. I can't imagine skating without them now.

Rated by Alison

So sleek! So padded! So awesome! These shorts are the shiz. If you're worried about your tail, buy them. After taking a great spill on my tailbone I found that not only was walking around like Mr. Burns not as fun as it sounds but that when I got back on my skates I became a far more timid skater, worried that another spill would have me busting my hump - literally. These babies were worth every penny, as well as restoring my confidence to fling myself about with abandon they have proven their worth in body protection - The hip pads in particular. They fit well under all my skating gear - As someone else mentioned they do sit a bit higher on the waist, but I find that actually makes them easier to wear under other gear as then the waist bands of your items don't sit in the same place and bulk up. Two thumbs up.

Rated by Michelle

LOVE these crash pads--broke my tail bone and couldn't skate for four weeks--bought the pads and fell the first time back on my skates--you guessed it, right on my tail bone. NO PAIN! Whoop! It was awesome. Highly recommend them.

Rated by Patti

After falling on my butt twice within a couple of months and bashing my tailbone so badly I couldn't sit, I finally decided it was worth the money to pick up a pair of these. They were totally worth it!!

Rated by Jordan

Buy these before you fall! I love them. They are not bulky at all. I was between 2 sizes and went with the smaller pair as suggested by Rollergirl. They fit perfectly. Not bulky under my booty shorts at all. Another skater pushed me during a scrimmage and hadn't noticed I was wearing them until she touched me.

Rated by Anne Vincent

A fresh-meat MUST HAVE! If you think you may end up on your ass (and you likely will) spend the extra 80 bucks and SAVE YOUR TAILBONE! I refuse to skate without them. Period! Nobody knows I'm wearing them until they touch me - yet when I fall I feel nothing! AMAZING!

Rated by Teri Fying

I hurt my tailbone after a nasty fall while ice skating and came across these while searching for something less bulky than hockey or snowboarding pads. These fit under my regular skating pants and they've given me back my confidence. I absolutely love them!

Rated by Elizabeth McCool

After crashing my tail bone numerous times, I broke down a bought a pair... Best $ I ever spent. Crash Pads should be mandatory gear.

Rated by Terri Bryson

ALL DERBY girlz should have a pair, I feel so much more confident wearing them, and know that I am protecting my toosh and tailbone. I am sooo happy with them!

Rated by Robyn Penner

I bought these at my chiropractor's suggestion, I've had some bad falls onto my tailbone snowboarding so my chiro wasn't exactly thrilled that I took up roller derby. Knock on wood, I haven't take a really bad fall in them yet but they do seem to help against the various bangs and bumps of derby. They are comfortable to wear, they are a bit noticeable if your shorts are snug but not too bad.

Rated by Jennifer Blanchard
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