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Cushion Retainers 1

Retainers are a very important piece of your plate hardware. These metal plates sit over and under your cushions, offering a rigid base for the rest of your truck assembly.

Recommended for:
  • Skaters with most SureGrip plates, and PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates
  • Skaters needing replace damaged, or lost cushion retainers

Not usually recommended for:
  • Higher end plates such as Reactors, Revenge, and Venus, to name a few. These will have plate specific retainers.

  • Sold as singles or in a set of 4
  • Compatible with SureGrip Avenger, Probe, Super-X, and Competitor plates, as well as PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates.
  • Small retainers are used for conical cushions only
  • Large retainers are used for barrel cushions only

Weight: .01g


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