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Spring Delays - New Stock Coming

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LOVE THEM!!! I received these as part of my Fresh Meat package and I have nothing but good things to say. They broke in easily, were comfortable from day one, and stand up to everything I put them through. I've put a little hockey tape on the toes to prolong the material but no other "modifications" needed.

Rated by Judy

This is my first pair of skates ever. (I am still very much learning to skate - trying to get away from the boards). I am loving my skates even though I am so new. I did have to switch to a pair of outdoor wheels and our skate tech tightened up the wheels for me so I could get my balance better but that is all more because of myself than it is because of the skates. I was so impressed with the customer service I received from that I would be reluctant to shop anywhere else. Thank you!!

Rated by Adrienne

These are my very first pair of skates and I am in love :) I wasn't sure what to expect because I'm new to derby and haven't roller skated since I was a kid, but these are super comfy and fit really well.

Rated by Shauna

My daughter got these recently and she likes them a LOT! The skates are very comfy and the online tool gets the sizing very close! The only thing I might (will) change is that I ordered with the default wheels as they are indoor/outdoor, but I suspect she may do better with harder wheels (90A). At least indoors, the Villains are VERY grippy! (And outdoor wheels can be so inexpensive - just buy a second set)

Rated by Daphne

I've had my skates for a few weeks now and I love them. I was a bit nervous about buying something I couldn't try on, but after talking w/ the awesome staff, my worries were put to rest. These skates have been fun to use so far, and I'm breaking them in just in time or derby tryouts!

Rated by Maria

These skates are PERFECT for beginners and the service RollerGirl provides will guarantee that your skates fit properly. If you don't know what kind of wheels you want, make sure to discuss it with someone at RollerGirl and they can recommend the best wheels for you. That's what I did, and I'm extremely happy with my skates and wheels. :)

Rated by Amanda

Love, Love, Love these skates! They were a great fit right from the start. I did purchase the Ezeefit booties as I broke my ankle last summer and was concerned about rubbing on the scar tissue, but haven't had any issues at all. Lisa at RollerGirl was excellent when helping me choose the right size.

Rated by Bonnie

I love these skates! I haven't had any problems or complaints yet and I've been on them for almost 3 months now. Also, the ladies here at rollergirl are awesome! Super fast, super friendly, and super professional.

Rated by Kelly

I am extremely happy with these skates! Thanks to my phone consultation with the helpful staff, I figured out the proper sizing, and they fit like a glove right out of the box and have been great for the past 4 months now. I put hockey tape on the toes to protect against the wear and tear of falling down, and chose to go with the fugitive wheels for extra beginner-friendly grip. I am going to change to round toe stoppers - I do find the midi stoppers have a tendency to twist fairly often, and would like the convenience of round ones that I don't have to worry about in a scramble. But for starting out, these are all-round great boots and well worth the money. PLUS they are vegan friendly, so I feel virtuous about wearing them. Yeah.

Rated by Renate

I was hesitant to purchase these skates because of the lack of reviews, but I had reassurance from the gals at rollergirl, and they were totally right. I had been using a pair of used tall boot skates prior to these and the difference is amazing. I have WAY more stability, these boots are comfortable and fit like a glove, and they are very fast compared to my old ones. Service was great, shipping was fast, and the product is amazing.

Rated by nikki
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