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187 Pro Derby Knee Pads 1

Super protective knee pads by 187 designed with derby in mind. Slightly less bulky and lower profile than the original 187 Pro Core knee pads. These knee pads are great for skaters looking for a high level of protection.

Recommended for:
  • Roller Derby
  • Aggressive Skating
  • Hardcore Outdoor Skating
  • Skaters looking for a high level of protection
  • Skaters with known knee issues - protect your knees

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skaters looking for small non-bulky knee pads - these are quite bulky
  • Recreational rink skating - a bit big and bulky
  • Skaters on a budget - a little pricey

  • Removable Padding for easy washing
  • Replaceable Caps
  • * Take measurement of the circumference of your knee, extended
  • XS = 10"-12”
  • SM= 12”-14”
  • MD = 14”-16”
  • LRG = 15”-17”
  • XL = 17”-20”

Note: *Short lower straps, you may need to size up, or personally add longer straps


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