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I upgraded from triple 8 pad. Wish I had bought these in the first place. The triple 8s stretched to much after 2 years. Thought the pro might be bulky, but don't even notice them when rolling. Appreciate the extra padding, seeing I am 55. Bought a complete set of 187 knee, elbow, wrist guards. Was expensive but completely worth every penny.

Rated by Geoffrey

After skating with the 187 Pro Cores for 3 years I upgraded to these. They're definitely less bulky across the knee, but they do stick out a bit further. Bigger, better crossovers, I guess. The hinge in the padding above the plastic bit makes them more, and I like that they completely undo, so I don't have to have my skates off to get the knee pads on or off. I have horrible knees (Osgood-Schlatter) and, after taking a particularly hard fall on the worse of my knees, I'm very confident my knees are well protected.

Rated by Arlene

I was worried about the effects of the bulkiness of these knee pads on my crossovers, but after 10 minutes, it was like I had always been skating with them. I almost LIKE falling on my knees now because they're so cushy. They do fit a little small, but will stretch out after use. Also, love the velcro protectors that come with them for when you put them in the washing machine - I like when my gear doesn't end up in a huge tangle!

Rated by Tracy

I upgraded to these a few weeks ago and have been completely satisfied. Now I never feel any pain in my knees during drops and falls. Considering how important your knees are, I really feel this was one of the wisest investments I've made so far. Additionally, I appreciate the little tags that indicate "LEFT" and "RIGHT". ^_^

Rated by Lauren

I upgraded from my killer pads with these, and while it took me awhile to get used to the bulkiness, or even figure out how to strap them properly, I really like these knee pads now. Being a small frame, I'm the easy target on the track and love the extra cushioning as I don't feel much!

Rated by Sandra

I really liked the idea of these knee pads: plush padding, but in a smaller profile. However, after taking another bruising knee fall at practice last night, I have ordered the 187 Pro Core knee pads I had before. (I had since handed them off to a teammate, when I got the Pro Derby). I do have crappy knees, so need the extra protection. The Pro Derby are a good pad, just not for me. I will keep them and use them for skating on the trail or for public events where we are not actually playing.

Rated by Terri

Not for me ... Used scabs for 18ths & never had sore or bruised knees, I bought these in Aug/sept & have had problems on & off since. They seem too narrow I think, for me anyway. Back to scabs for me.. expensive lesson ...

Rated by Anji

I upgraded to these from the 187 Killer pad and have been unhappy with my choice. They stretch out quickly. The cap is small, and they are bulky, so when I fall on them I rock on the cap which throws me a little off balance. Sometimes the knee pad actually slides to the side when I fall and my actual knee impacts the ground. This happened numerous times and I now wear a brace on my left knee because of it. An expensive lesson learned. My next set will be Scabs.

Rated by Shannon
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