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Spring Delays - New Stock Coming

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In search for the skates of my dreams I found RollerGirl - and they made my skates exceed everything I could ever have dreamed about. RollerGirl took all the time to get a full picture of my skating abilities, my wishes, my technical specs and came up with the most gorgeous pair of green roller skates, meeting my needs and my wishes perfectly. Since I live far far away we had to do everything by email and it worked extremely well (still would love to come over one day and visit you). RollerGirl has great knowhow, the patience of angels and lots of enthusiasm to help you find your perfect skates. Guess they will not rest until the customer is completely satisfied and, above all, totally happy. RollerGirls! I love you! And my wonderful skates, of course. ;o) (Hey, five stars only? That's definitely not enough for you and your dream skates!)

Rated by Dorothea

Service and advice is amazing, I started looking forward to waking up to emails from RollerGirl! And my skates are fantastic, everyone comments on how good they look, but they also perform like a dream!

Rated by Rachel

The best investment I made in derby was going into the shop and discussing new skates with Rollergirl and Zoe. They were patient and accommodating through the whole process, letting me try on EVERYTHING they had, talking their ears off, discussing pricing and options, and I came out with the best possible skates for me. Through no fault of theirs, there were snafus in the process, and even though they didn't have to, they compensated me accordingly and were apologetic for something that they didn't even have control over. The absolute best customer experience ever!!!

Rated by Meg

Roller Girl is absolutly amazing with their dedication and customer service! I had ordered custom skates from them a while ago and had been having problems with my plates. I emailed them and they got back to me so quick and was able to send what I needed and then some out to me!! The quality and assurance you get from ordering here is above and beyond. I would not want to order anywhere else. These girls are AMAZING!!!!!

Rated by Vanessa

I contacted a number of different online stores before I purchased my 'dream skates.' The reason I choose to deal with RollerGirl was because of there prompt and personal service. I had sized my skates and plate at Rollercon so I already knew what I wanted. The staff at RollerGirl were so enthusiastic and efficient in helping me with the final touches and placing the order for my skates. Initially I thought my stakes would take a long time to build and receive however they came within 5-6 weeks of placing the order. I love my new 'dream skates' and HIGHLY recommend RollerGirl to anyone thinking of purchasing new skates.

Rated by Abby

I love my dream skates ... custom Antik AR1s with Reactor plates. Super comfortable skates, and very responsive! No break-in at all! Had a problem with the foam liner of tongue on one skate, and it is being taken care of by and grnmnstr.

Rated by Aimee

Rollergirl staff were amazing when I was looking for a dream skate. I ordered the Antik's and had them customized for colour, plates, wheels, and bearings. Many emails were sent, probably about 40, lol. The staff were so helpful, answering all my questions, and even sending out a pair of antik's for me to make sure I was getting the right size before ordering (super helpful when ordering customs). Thank you Rollergirl!

Rated by Angela

I was so impressed by the level of customer service I recieved from Rollergirl while building my dream skates! I think I have about 40 emails back and forth between myself and Zoe, she answered every question I had to help me find out what would work best for me. I am completely thrilled with my custom Antiks :)

Rated by Keltie

There are no words to describe the excellent service I had from the girls at Over many weeks we exchanged emails. They wanted to make sure I had the best skates for me and covered every tiny details. You just can't go wrong with them.

Rated by Michel

My custom Dream Skates are absolutely amazing!! And I absolutely love them. I got pink Riedell 265s with white stripes, so pretty. The pink leather is soft and broke in very easily (not a single blister). I ended up with split sizing (I didn't even realize my feet were different sizes until Rollergirl pointed it out) And I added ankle straps to help make the ankles tighter. I also ended up adding extra padding to build up support around the ankles (I like a to have a good snug fit). These skates make me very happy!! All of the staff at Rollergirl are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rated by Adrenalyn
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