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These pads are pretty good for what they have to do. They were really tight when I first got them but the sleeve part has loosened to the point that if they didn't have straps, they would slide off. They still work though and provide good protection, since elbows don't really take much abuse usually. Would purchase again.

Rated by Kayla

I'm super short and so are my arms and these fit SO perfectly! They're actually contoured so to fit my elbows perfectly! Highly recommended.

Rated by Teri

After using whatever pads I could round up to get me started in derby, these are such a treat! They fit really well, no slipping around on my arm at all. Love these!

Rated by Shauna

I have had these elbow pads for a few years I love them! I don't notice if I fall and hit my elbow, they stay in place and don't move around, and they have no stretched out at all. They are a good, well fitting elbow pad that I would recommend to everyone.

Rated by becca

I've bought these several times. They fit well, don't stretch out too fast, are easy to clean, and they don't slip out of place.

Rated by Kenzie

I love these! Great protection at a great price. No more constantly having to adjust my elbow pads -- these babies do not slip around!

Rated by Lisa

I was using the basic fresh meat Triple 8's before I got these and what a difference. There's no velcro sticking out or on other players while scrimmaging, they are small and fit really well. i love these and am glad they were recommended to me. I'm a big girl and they still fit great!

Rated by Lucie

These elbow pads fit great, I'm really glad I got them!

Rated by Estelle

I was a bit off guard when I originally ordered them, because I was a size MD in the other brand. The MD for this brand was smaller than expected so I had to exchange for a LG, which was a very easy task! These are very comfortable. I was previously using the Triple 8 elbow pads, but I find these are more versatile and make me feel a bit safer due to the thicker padding. Very thankful for the smooth exchange rate and will buy this brand again in the future.

Rated by Emily

These elbow pads offer great protection and never slip down. They are a thick tube all around which is awesome for when you hit the pavement, but does lend to them eventually smelling like total ass. Make sure you physically open them and let them completely dry out every.time. Trust me on this. I stink.

Rated by Chrystal
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