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The eZeefit Booties are a LIFE CHANGER!! I had been battling nasty blisters that had turned into open wounds. Very painful. I had been tackling the problem with duct tape, medical tape and bandages...expensive, annoying and not very successful. The eZeefit booties completely took care of the problem. No more pain! No more blisters! So happy to be skating in total comfort :D

Rated by Shannon

I have duck feet - narrow heels, skinny ankles - and these really improved the fit of my tall boots without having to lace them so tightly.

Rated by Olivia

These are amazing! When i first got my new skates they were a dream for blisters :-) and as i broke in my skates theystreched out abit (leather boots do that) and these little babies stop my heel from slipping around :-)

Rated by Lucy

I hate socks and prefer skating barefoot, but I kept getting blisters breaking in my new skates. These booties completely eliminated the friction that was causing the blisters. I can't recommend these enough!

Rated by Tricia

These are an excellent investment. They make your skates fit so much for comfortable and have totally reduced rubbing, movement and blisters. I won't wear my skates without them! Ever!

Rated by Hayley

I really enjoy these!!! Awesome fit for myself to bad they weren't a little longer to the toe but comfy!! Thank you

Rated by Terri

Extend the life of your skates! I've been riding on my 265 since Oct 2010, they were getting really loose around the ankles and I'd find my heel sliding up when I'd run on my toe stops or sprint. These made them fit snugger around the ankles and heel cup and extended the life of my skates! Great way to extend the life of your skates.

Rated by Kristy

These are wonderful! I had some blistering when I first got my skates, then they were fine. But lately I think they must have stretched a bit. I was getting little contact sores on the top of my foot and on a boney part on the inside of my foot/ankle. I got these and they're perfect! They don't rub or abrade or slip around, they just give my foot a little more protection and grip when I'm skating.

Rated by Terri

I don't have a problem with blisters but found that my skates had stretched a little after a couple of years. When I'm tired I would wrap my ankles so this serves a double purpose for me. They work wonderfully and are really comfortable.

Rated by Carrie

LOVELOVELOVE the booties! I was getting blisters from my Antiks on my ankle (stupid ankle bone that sticks out farther than it should) and these SAVED my ankle from blistering more! The boots are broken in now but I still wear the booties every time because, well, my feet are a little bizzarre. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone else who is having blister problems on their ankle... or even just for a bit of added support!

Rated by Marie

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