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Got this package a good chunk of months ago now and the skates do the job great (6'1/6'2 and around 220lbs). After getting comfortable and to the point of passing my skills test I upgraded the cushions (Purples) and bearings (Qube 8 Ball) but really have no complaints about the base skate setup. The stock bearings are definitely bottom of the bucket but look at the price, plus if you're new you wont need great bearings for a good bit, even if you put on the extra $50 for a good set the value's still there in my opinion. Definitely see myself using these for a good bit longer even now that I'm past the fresh meat and skills test (if you're big though make sure your trucks are in tight 'n proper, the plastic plates flexed pretty good on me mid-scrimmage and my back trucks popped out of the hole haha, simple tighten and it was golden). Definitely not perfect and I'll be getting new skates when the time comes but again it's a fresh meat package and they do their job very well, also I have wide feet and these fit awesome, even better with a very simple lacing trick. Have skated almost exclusively on concrete since getting them, a tiny bit on a tennis court. The Tripple 8 pads I really didn't like, out of the gate I paid the bit extra for some Scabs Smith Safety Gear knee pads (love 'em) and I wish I got the 187 elbow pads too instead of Tripple Eight (I've since switched to 187, love 'em). If you don't weigh a bunch they're fine I'm sure but I'm big and tend to fall HARD when I fall. Ate it real good a couple times months ago and certainly wished I had better padding (still dealing with pain on impact with my elbow). The 187 wrist guards are great and the helmet's awesome. I don't like the Sisu mouth guards at all (17 seasons of football, concussion/tooth damage free and not for lack of trying haha), best mouth guard from my experience is a Shock Doctor. Much like helmets do your homework and SPEND MONEY TO STAY SAFE!!! A good mouth guard protects your teeth and your brain, thin tooth covers don't do that even if they are more comfy. Didn't get any toe guards but duct tape/gorilla tape does the trick if you want to hold off, either way protect your skates. Toe covers or a roll of tape is a hell of alot cheaper than new boots. Oh and I highly recommend getting some sort of tailbone and hip bone padding, I use a McDavid football girdle, concrete's very hard. Happy Skating, hope you enjoy derby as much as I do!

Rated by Erikson
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