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I got my Redell Diablo's in November of '10 to prep for try-outs in May. They required only one solid skate to break in and have been comfy ever since. The RollerGirl staff recommended I upgrade my wheels to Fugitive Mids (Purple) because I have very small feet, and that was a great choice. I have been indoor and outdoor on these skates and they are holding up wonderfully! Great choice for a beginner like me, who may be putting their skates though a lot of beatings. Plus... the red is darn cute. :)

Rated by Aldera

I love love love love my skates! I have small feet that are wide for their size & I haven't had any problems with the fit of these boots at all! From helping me get the right sizes for skates & pads all the way to making sure I got my gear I've had nothing but great experiences. I also got some shorts & the other girls on the team compliment them all the time, as well as people on the street.

Rated by Hailey

STELLAR package!! I upgraded the bearings and kneepads (friends recommendation) and added the Crashpads. There is nothing I've found that I needed that wasn't in the package. I had ZERO knowledge of rollerskating/derby and I called to make my order, with a ton of questions. Lisa was awesome, answered them all plus more and helped me comfortably make my purchase with ease, providing super AMAZING (and rare) customer service.

Rated by sarah

I bought this package when I first started playing roller derby. It's a great package at a reasonable price. I found the skates to be super comfortable and never gave me any pains or blisters. It's also great because it comes with everything that you need in one handy package, no need to go out buying separate items :) The customer service with RollerGirl is also fantastic! They help you the whole time when you put in your order. I would recommend this product as well as this company to put in your first time roller derby order :)

Rated by Maarit

This is a great starter package! The boot is really comfortable and padded and comes with what you need to get rolling. Would recommend wheel upgrade based on the surface you will be skating and different mouthguard. Def add on the skate tool!

Rated by Erin

Awesome package!! I got two of these packages, one for me and one for my best friend. Super fast delivery, excellent quality on all gear and packaging... the skates have been perfect for learning and very comfy! We were so impressed with the sizing and the personalization that went into out packages. We're really impressed and recommend this package to any fresh meat who are considering it :)

Rated by Dhana

First, you can buy packages like this in a lot of places, but I found buying from Rollergirl to the best decision I made with getting my gear. The number one reason was the amount of attention, patience, and help I got from the staff. Zoe in particular has been so awesome to work with and has been very helpful. They helped me figure out what sizes I needed and they were spot on, even though I live out of country. I got good gear, good help, good price. I shop here first, even over my local shops. I bought the Death Grip fresh meat derby package. It was perfect. The skates are comfortable and rugged, the wheels ( I got Radar villains) are great, a little sticky but I like them that way, plus the white and pink were cute with the boots. The bearings they came with are totally fine. The S1 helmet is the only helmet I would wear. I would recommend paying extra and get the better Sisu mouth guard and buying some better toe stops like the Superball Long stems. Once you start playing a while I would get a Powerdyne Y3 skate tool. I liked the Triple 8 elbow and knee pads and Killer 187 wrist guards and went with those and have no regrets. I also purchased the Crash Pad hip padding, well worth the cost to save your hips and tail bone.

Rated by Courtney

Got these bad boys as an early birthday gift as an introduction to derby and I love these skates!!! They are a great value especially for ladies with narrow feet, they are very comfy and super secure. I love the customer service that rollergirl provides and will be up grading some of my gear shortly and look forward to dealing with you again.

Rated by Vicki

I love this package! I upgraded the bearings and wheels and I'm glad I did. What a difference from using the rentals at the rink. I also like the larger sizing for the pads and helmet. My only issue is the knee pads are a tad bit small, but I've tried on other knee pads and that's going to be a common issue for me. The skates are comfortable and with the upgrades, fast. I had a bad fall and my wrist pads totally saved my wrists (although my tailbone was another story). If you're contemplating a fresh meat package, this is a great one that's not a huge monetary commitment.

Rated by Bessie

My package came in less time than it was supposed to, everything was exactly as I ordered it, and I got free stickers and candy! My skates fit perfectly. I am so grateful for the help with sizing that I was given through emails. The responses to all of my questions arrived within a day. My boyfriend also ordered everything but skates and both of us are totally satisfied with rollergirls service and product choices. We made another order for a radar bag, and custom skates for him within the month, and will make many more in the future. Rollergirl is awesome!

Rated by Jennifer
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