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I got my package yesterday and everything was perfect! The skates are gorgeous and fit like a glove. Lisa and Chelsea really went above and beyond - the customer service was exceptional. Chelsea helped my friend pick out her skates and we had a blast! Their love of skating is absolutely infectious.

Rated by Anita

I haven't been on skates for 18 years and these skates made me feel like I never stopped skating. I was also very impressed with the speedy shipping and all of the help from Lisa. You guys are great! I love my skates!

Rated by Aleisha

Awesome starter package has everything a derby girl needs to get going.

Rated by Diane

We ordered a large bulk order, and all of our girls couldn't be more pleased by everything!! Love you rollergirl!! _3

Rated by Elora

I just received my Voodoo Kittens! They are truly amazing! I good sturdy boot skate that looks great! I was worried they might be wide on my narrow feet, but they are just fine! I can hardly wait to start skating. If only our snow would hurry up and MELT!!! I am eager to get back inot this fun activity that I have missed so dearly. I tried rollerblades, but they are just not ... well... not roller skates. Love my Voodoo Kittens!

Rated by T.

This was an amazing starter set that I got with upgraded bearings and wheels. Everything arrived safely, was properly sized and looked great! I've already used the equipment since I got it and I am very happy with it. I was also very pleasantly surprised with the service and follow up I received. This went a whole lot better than I expected an online purchase to go for this kind of thing. Super!

Rated by Andrea

Great Deal, fast shipping, and the girls at Rollergirl are every bit as amazingly helpful and informative as I heard they were. I emailed them for info about ordering skates by themselves and ended up getting the whole package due to the great value. Package arrived ridiculously fast, and i'm delighted by my new gear!!

Rated by Alexandra

I just received Fresh Meat - Level 2, and although I haven't been for a skate yet (too much cat and dog hair around my house...) everything fits perfectly. The emails from RollerGirl were a great customer service touch. Thanks RollerGirl!!

Rated by Gillian

SUPER AMAZING package and service!! I received my order in 2 days! Love it..Thanks!

Rated by cristina

I've ordered this package a little over a month ago and I love it! I'm still breaking my skates in right now so they're still a bit stiff but I can feel a change every time I skate. The staff was extremely helpful with all my sizing questions, I have really small and narrow feet and I found all the information I was given really helpful. I chose the Atom Poison indoor/outdoor wheels for my skates and I'm loving them. I also found the toe stop small and on the suggestion of my team mates switched over to the gumball stoppers which I love. The standard knee pads that came with the kit fit me perfectly initially, but they started to slip as I got more active so I purchased the Smith Scabs Knee pads after skating for a month. As a whole the package is awesome!!

Rated by Erin
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