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i bought my meat package in the store and cannot say enough about the great customer service. everything is fitting well and my christmas list is this website.

Rated by michelle

I just got my fresh meat package in the mail, and I was super impressed! I ordered it late in the afternoon and it was shipped the same day! The ladies at Roller Girl were ridiculously helpful and sized me properly over the phone. They were super helpful and patient with my many questions. These ladies took all my stress away from ordering, and made sure that I would be completely satisfied with my purchase.

Rated by Liann

My fresh meat package is fantastic! My skates are beautiful and fit just right. My package came with all the information that i need and everything fit perfectly. The girls at roller girl really know their stuff and are very helpful. Shipping was super fast! I highly recommend the fresh meat package #2.

Rated by Claudia

Got my Fresh Meat Package in just 3 days!! Incredible customer service, quality products, and even a "Thank You" tootsie roll in my package :o) The Rollergirl girls have been great about checking in periodically to see how things are, and to answer any questions I may have.

Rated by Tanis

I just want to say what a fabulous job you guys are doing! I bought a Death Grip package for myself as well as extra gear for another player who was also new to Derby. The friendly help over the phone with the skates and sizing was greatly appreciated. Being short (4'11), I switched the knee pads for Motel's for the shorter fit and they fit well without hindering my movement. I stayed with the Triple Eight elbow pads which turned out to be a little long for these short arms but they do their job well, I would recommend another kind for very short/petite women though. The rest of the gear fit perfectly and to top it off, the delivery arrived a few days earlier than expected! As another poster mentioned, I highly recommend getting the tools with your package so you can adjust the wheels and stopper to your own preference and track. Thanks RollerGirl, we're having a blast and definitely be back for more! ;)

Rated by Clare

Hey, just got my Fresh Meat Package and I love it. The girls at Rollergirl are amazing and I totally suggest you buy from them, you won't be disappointed! Thanks!

Rated by Deanne

was totally impressed with the amount of help that i got picking out my gear. was shown how to build my skate, care for it, tell if the wheels are at the proper tightness and lots more. my friend bought her gear from a u.s. company online and therefore had absolutely no help in what she needed vs. what she got plus she got dinged bad for shipping fees. the girls who work here seem not only know their stuff in regards to the equipment but are totally stoked about derby and skating.

Rated by keely

Awesome! Everything fit great and the shipping was super speedy, but even better than the amazing products was the fantastic customer service. Chelsea was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the candy rockets were a nice touch, LOL. Starting out as a new skater is a little intimidating, but you've helped make it that much more exciting. I am a huge fan of RollerGirl, and will tell everyone I know.

Rated by gillian

I had been debating for awhile now about getting into Roller Derby and honestly didn't even know where to start as far as gear was concerned. Girls I spoke to all immediately directed me to RollerGirl saying it was the best place to go for not only beginner packages, but to get great advice on what I would need to get started. Chelsea was amazing at answering my millions of questions, and never once pressured me into a purchase (so unusual nowadays!). When my package arrived (only a few days after I ordered it), everything fit perfectly, and they had even installed my upgraded wheels for me. It was such a great experience dealing with RollerGirl, made better by the fact that it's a Canadian company. I will definitely come back for all my future derby needs! Thanks again!!! Amanda

Rated by Amanda

I've been thinking about joining derby for over a year, and just had to make my life fit around it... I chose this package because the skates were said to be soft and comfy (they so are!) and Chelsea was great over email to ensure my fit. I'm so excited and happy to be a derby girl, and I love my gear! :) I upgraded my wheels, so I have a back up set for outdoor skating, and my fancy neon green Flat Outs are sooo nice! I loved that everything I need to start skating came in one box, and arrived quickly! Thank you RollerGirl!

Rated by Alexandra
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