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I am very very pleased with this fresh meat package, however I suggest upgrading the wheels. I switched mine to heartless wheels and there great. Also, when ordering, get the tools and not the mouth gaurd. I would say your better off to go buy one from a sports store....However, all in all awesome service and awesome products!!

Rated by Candace

I ordered this fresh meat package before the first time I ever skated. It is a great package to get you going and will be good for about your first year. At that point, depending on your skill and dedication, you will likely want to begin upgrading the components. My biggest suggestion would be to spend the money right away to upgrade your wheels. Its a fairly stable skate, so a more narrow wheel (not a beginner wheel) would be fine. A month after I ordered this package I purchased new wheels. Wish I would have done it right off the hop.

Rated by Kim

I purchased this package in February 2015 and have now been skating with it for 6 months. Given the minimal amount that I was looking to spend on entering a new sport at the beginning, this package was an economical way to acquire all the pieces I needed to try it out and I have no regrets. The staff at RollerGirl were super helpful and responsive to fit me with the best skate for me, based on the info I provided to them. The shipping to Yellowknife was also very quick!

Rated by Janice
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