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Spring Rush Delays

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The package overall was exactly what I needed for Fresh Meat! The pads all stretched out a little, elbow pads most for me, but to be expected and still work great. My only issue was the Bont skates don't seem to use standard sizes for maintenance and parts. Any adjustments I made to the plate I needed to purchase different tools as most standard ones available that work on the toe stops and wheels don't have a tool part that worked for the plate. When I purchased new wheels I had to purchase new bearings, which was an expense I wasn't expecting. The bearings that come with these wheels are smaller (I believe 7mm vs the standard 8mm). The boot itself fit great - I wear between size 10 and 10.5 women's and purchased a size 41. I also have wide feet and I haven't had any issues with these boots. I can't even begin to talk about how amazing the team at are. They took care of me and took the time to ensure everything was the right size. I live in Toronto and was worried sizing would be an issue, but everything fit like a glove. Thank you so so much from this (now former) Freshie!

Rated by Julianne
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