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Grindstone Heartstoppers - LiLs 1Grindstone Heartstoppers - LiLs 2Grindstone Heartstoppers - LiLs 3Grindstone Heartstoppers - LiLs 4

These teenie weenie inbetweenies are small like a jam plug but thick like a toe stop. A great way to ease you from a large stopper to a Jam style plug.

Recommended for:
  • Indoor and outdoor skating
  • Skates that take 5/8" stoppers -
  • Skaters wanting a small, discreet stopper

Not usually recommended for:
  • Skates that take Bell (5/16") stoppers

  • Compatible with 5/8" plates
  • Sold as a pair
  • Grindstone is a small skater owned and operated business

Note: Before ordering, take the stopper off your skates. Is the bolt attached to the stopper or does it come out? If the bolt is attached right into the back of the stopper, these will fit your skates.


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