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Easy to customise to your mouth, easy to snip the ends off if it's too big, great warranty!

Rated by Jayne

A great mouthgard for germaphobles on a budget that lose things easily! I would have to say that my favourite thing about this mouthguard is the strap. While everyone else is dropping their mouthguard on the dirty ground, mine is safely tethered to my helmet strap. I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so this is super important to me. I'm also really good at losing things, but I never lose this mouthguard because it's always attached to my helmet, which is petty hard to miss when I'm packing up my derby bag at the end of practice lol. A lot of people complain about these, but I haven't had a problem with mine. I have a big mouth, so maybe that's why? I found it easy to shape and it's very easy to clean. It's a bit hard to talk with it in and I have to take it out to drink, but that doesn't really bother me much. For $4 I'd say it's an excellent value.

Rated by Tab Kosoris

Not a big fan of this mouthguard. Felt like I was gagging, but maybe I have a smaller mouth (not that anyone would agree with that hahaha). I spent the extra money and purchased a $20 one from the sporting goods store that is smaller and has gel and find it fits my mouth better.

Rated by Bonnie

Cheap and easy to bite, but not fun. I found it made my mouth really dry and also rubbed against the side of my mouth, causing a sore. I also found the strap hard to cut off (maybe I had bad scissors?). The texture was abrasive in my mouth. I also like to grind my teeth a bit and it didn't hold up well. I'd not recommend this, just go for the $25 dollar one.

Rated by Katy Deeley

Who buys these? No one ever should! $25 for a SISU mouthguard will be the best $25 you ever spend. Don't waste your money on one of these unless you're looking for something for a one time use. Even THEN, I wouldn't recommend them.

Rated by Gilly Mad Trapper McNaughton
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