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I have Creepers and Chasers on my skates and i just love them. There are a more narrow wheel which seems beneficial during derby . Awesome for speed and of both worlds!!

Rated by Candace

Love these. I have them in 92a. Super light and exactly the right amount of slide I like on our floor. I managed to do 30 laps in 5 last week which I credit to these wheels.

Rated by Ross Braidley

I currently use the black stalkers and love them. The light weight and narrower wheel are super awesome. They are grippy but still allow for an improvement of agility. I was hesitant to try a harder wheel (went from Poisons which are an 84a)but am very pleased with the difference.

Rated by Kobie Spriggs

Absolutely love these wheels! best purchase wheel wise by far! :-) i mix the black and yellow

Rated by Lucy Charbonneau

I use a Stalker/Creeper combo right now and I love these wheels! They are narrow enough that I rarely clip wheels with another skater, but wide enough to provide amazing stability. They are also very light weight! My only complaint about these wheels is that they loose their grooves quite quickly, though it doesn't seem to be much of an issue to skate on them when they're bald. Give these a try and you will NOT be disappointed!

Rated by Emily Fowler

I use Voodoos and Chasers together and love the combination. I am a light skater (120lbs) and I haven't had a problem with them. I must say out of all the wheels I have tried my favourite are Heartless. I love that they are narrow and light and they give me just enough grip so that I can make quick movements across the track and through the pack without slipping and sliding.

Rated by Jessica Olson

I love my heartless creepers/stalkers. When I first purchased them I wasn't really sure about the narrow profile but now I can't imagine going back to wide wheels. I don't think I'll ever use anything besides heartless again. I love the grip and speed of the wheels they are amazing!

Rated by Cristal Oliver

These are the best bad ass wheels i have rolled on.. GREAT for derby, i use radar diamonds(94) and heartless stalkers(88) and since buying the heartless wheels i have no problem with gripping around corners...... i like these wheels because they are slim and easy to maneuver on. A+++++++recommend to all Derby skaters

Rated by suzanne noble

I got myself a set of Creepers and Chasers for Christmas (my husband was relieved from present duty as I knew he'd never pick what I really wanted lol), and all I can say is WOW! I've paired them up with a set of Qube 8-Ball bearings and the difference in my speed on the wood floors is insane - I actually feel like I'm gliding around with ease instead of being stuck like I was with my old wheels. Highly recommend the Heartless' for those who skate on grippy floors and need to shake the "skating in tar" feeling - these are an awesome yet affordable upgrade for anyone!

Rated by Stephanie Robertson

I am very please with the two sets of the stalker wheels I received! After a year of skating on whatever wheels came with my skates I was eager to get something new with a slimmer profile. I was hesitant because I am 5'1 And less than 125 lbs but control wasn't an issue. I love the sound they make when I use my edges and I feel more agile when doing laps. I might invest in another harder set to see where that takes me!

Rated by Kristina Stiel
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