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VERY EASY TO INSTALL! GREAT OPTION FOR ANYONE (LIKE ME) WHO LIKES TO DIG THEIR HEELS IN TO STOP! GREAT SERVICE!! New heel brake is installed. Came with no instructions but was really easy to figure out anyway. One thing I will mention, that I would have found helpful, is that I had to find a SOCKET WRENCH to tighten up the unit to the skate. Everyone at RollerGirl was very helpful ensure that I had no problems adding my new accessory to my skates. I just had to find the time myself to get around to it. This new brake will help, as I had a balance problem when using the toe brake, now I have my choice - toe OR heel! What more could a girl ask for!? Delivery was quick. Great customer service! Looking forward to really delving in and learning to skate better! THANKS GUYS!!!

Rated by Shannon

Love this brake. I'm new to quad skating and they've really helped me to feel more confident. More than the product, I've bought a bunch of stuff from Rollergirl and not only has the product arrived on time and fast, I've had follow ups from the Rollergirls which is awesome - the best customer service I've ever had from an online buisness. Great product, Great people - Thanks Rollergirl!!!!

Rated by Taylor

This thing is very helpful if you are terrified of being plowed over by a car like I am. Good for quickly stopping, especially when you're going too fast to snowplow or tomahawk. The stopper wears down mighty quickly though as the pavement just shreds the rubber, that is my only complaint - so you might want to get a spare or two when you buy the brake.

Rated by Sarah

Very useful to transition from blades to skates- I needed the security incase by force of habit I went to dig in my heels, so I wouldn't go flying backwards! Hard to do crossovers with this thing on the right skate, maybe better to be installed on the left...

Rated by Jayne

This heel brake is perfect for outdoor skating! I don't need it for derby on a flat surface but it's great for going down hills! If you know how to skate inside, but are afraid to try outside and think you might not be able to control your speed on a hill, this is exactly what you need.

Rated by Kristine

10/10, immediately helpful going down hill outside. Definitely a need for a street skater to slow down smoothly. Easy to install

Rated by oliver

Before I purchased this brake set I fell backward on my hip while also hitting my hand and elbow. While I recovered, I went online and got this plus some hip pads. It was a little odd to figure out how to install it at first but once I got my head around it, installation was easy. I've only used it a couple of times but it gives me more confidence on slight downhill grades (like my driveway, where I fell). It does add weight (not a big deal for me) and does make crossovers on the one side more difficult but I'm not here to impress anyone, I just want to not die.

Rated by Laurie

I tried for a year to get used to my front breaks and just couldn't get a handle on it - I did inline for years. I love how easy to install this was, super happy with this purchase!

Rated by Heather

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