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T8 Helmet - Black Hologram 1T8 Helmet - Black Hologram 2

Ride the Holographic lightning bolt with this T8 helmet! This is a bike style CPSC rated (EPS foam) helmet. This type of helmet offers the highest level of protection for your noggin. Good for one single large impact, OR multiple small impacts.

Recommended for:
  • Roller Skating, Biking or Skateboarding.
  • Indoor/Rink
  • Skate Park
  • Roller Derby

Not usually recommended for:
  • Motorcycles, scooters, ect.
  • **Not rated for children under 5 years old.

  • CPSC & ASTM Rated for multiple small impacts, and one large impact.
  • Includes 2 sets of Sweatsaver liners to customize fit.
  • XS/S - 20"/21.25"
  • S/M - 21" – 22.5"
  • L/XL 22.5" – 23.5"


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