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I love love love these skates. They are true to fit( I am a size 5 ladies and the size 5 fit me perfectly) The wheels are great both indoor and outdoor but are smoother outside. They are super cute and wonderful for my first pair. You never forget your first

Rated by Jessica

Love these skates, they are exactly what I needed as a new skater. They didn’t require any breaking in period. I would recommend them.

Rated by Victoria

I LOVE these skates! Super comfy and really great for a beginner like myself. I will say, if you plan on doing more outdoor skating, you need softer wheels! While these are technically indoor/outdoor skates they really don't do well beyond the smoothest asphalt. Overall though, super happy with my skates and would absolutely recommend to any of my friends. Plus, everyone compliments them when you go skating because they're so colourful :)

Rated by Sophia

I was a little disappointed when I tried these because I had seen so many people using the Impala skates, but I found them a little bit uncomfortable as my pinky toe got quite squished in the side even though the boot itself was not too narrow. The colour was very cute and I wish it was a better fit and higher quality material. They felt as though they would not last very long. But customer service was great and they allowed me to exchange these for a different skate.

Rated by Gabrielle

I got these ones because they were recommended for beginners from a lot of people. I spent a few months in them and heel of the boot started to peel off the heel. Roller Girl customer service was amazing and the warranty covered a replacement, but the exact same thing started happening to the replacement pair. I emailed them and now I have in store credit to go towards Moxi Lollies. I hope these are a step up! I do think the impalas are a good skate if you’re just starting to skate and you’re not sure if you’re going to stick with it, but if your serious, it might be worth spending the extra money

Rated by Willow

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