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I loooove how these look but unfortunately they didn't fit on my Avanti plate and Jack 2 vegan leather combo. (I think the plates are a bit too tall? So just watch out for that if you have chunky skates) They fit beautifully on my Moxi Lollys though!

Rated by Rebecca

I got these cause they were the only vegan option for toe guards. They fit great, and I've only had them for a week but like them so far :)

Rated by Heather

I have only used these toe covers so I can't compare but my first pair held up for 6 months of me completely abusing my skates outdoor skating and then fresh meat training. I finally rubbed a hole through one and have replaced them with the same type.

Rated by Iron

Save your toes and DO NOT buy these! The metal snap on top absolutely destroys the tops of your toes any time you fall or touch your knees to the ground.

Rated by Kristina

I loved these at first. We skate in some rough locations and after heat moulding these bad boys to my skates, my toes were indestructible. At least, the toes to my skates were. As for my actual toes... These attach to your skates on top with the aid of a metal snap. When you fall on the top of your foot, most of the pressure on your toe is concentrated on this hard, metal snap and it's incredibly painful. I lost a big toenail and my other toes are badly bruised. I want to like this product so much, but I also would like to keep my toenails. :(

Rated by Ashley

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