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I love these knee pads! I have been using them for 6 months so far and the only wear they have is some scratching on the caps. The straps were super tight when I first got them but over about a month they stretched out to be perfect (expected this). These feel like you are falling on clouds, literally, I am never afraid to take a fall on my knees because of these wonderful things.

Rated by Kayla Delcourt

These knee pads are awesome! I'm a bigger derby girl (5'5" and 180lbs) and they provide excellent protection. This is my third time ordering from Rollergirl, and as always they have excellent customer service and quick shipping. Yay!

Rated by Jada

It doesn't matter if you are a big or small girl - these are the BEST. If there is one set of pads you NEVER want to compromise on, it is your knee pads. They take the brunt of it all. They last longer and are so padded you'll wish you had them from the very start. They won't slide around and provide excellent coverage. I know people who thought they had high quality kneepads - until they tried these on. They make a WORLD of a difference. They are expensive, but I swear by them. It's worth the investment for your own safety. Falling has never been so comfy.

Rated by Andrea

These things are by far the best money I have ever spent! Its like falling on pillows! being a bigger girl, I have had a really hard time with getting decent knee pads that fit well, protect well and actually stay put... these do all of that and then some! These are definatley a must have for any derby girl, I have no idea how I got by without these before- they are just pure awesomeness!!

Rated by Nicole

These pads are too bulky for just skating around but for derby they are perfect. They can be a little intimidating, expecially if you're a new skater because they are so bulky, but I love these knee pads. I'm 5'10 and about 200 pounds, when I fall I don't feel it. They're wonderful. I used these knee pads for derby practise, and I bought the triple 8 park knee pads for just skating around.

Rated by Jacqueline

I purchased these kneepads, because the rental pads I was using didn't offer enough protection for me at 220lbs. Since using them, I am happy to report that I no longer fear falling on my knees! They do seem huge and bulky, although I have not noticed any interference with my skating. The only issue I have with them, is that some people say they run large. I measured in at the low end of xl, so I purchased that size, and they fit tighter than I expected. This is likely because I have small knees in comparison to the rest of my leg. Overall, a really excellent kneepad.

Rated by Alicia

I love these kneepads. I don't feel a damn thing when I fall. No more bruised kneecaps like with my triple 8's!

Rated by Carla Fedje

I bought these knee-pads after injuring myself when my starter Triple 8 pads failed. While I appreciate that landings are a lot kinder with this much cushioning, I sometimes find that because they stick out so much they can end up shifting awkwardly to the side if you don't land perfectly straight. It makes getting up again a slower process because I have to readjust them to sit properly on my knees. Next time I think I'll go with the thinner 187s or Scabs. On the plus side, they haven't stretched out the way my Triple 8s did!

Rated by Erica Mojzes

I'm 5'7" and at least 170 lbs and these provide a lot of cushion for me when I fall, they've worked super well. They are bulkier than I anticipated, but after a few times out you get used to them. One thing to keep in mind is that these are more slippery than the other brands, so you'll definitely slide further when falling on your knees, may be something you don't want.

Rated by Cassandra

I bought these after sustaining a knee injury (NOT derby-related) and requiring more protection than my pads at that time provided. They've been great. They are a little bulky, and I sometimes feel that they get in the way of my crossovers; however, the bulk is justified by the fact that I no longer fear falling on my knees - I know I'm not going to damage myself with these bad boys on.

Rated by Allison MacKenzie
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