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S-One Lifer Liners 1

Replacement Liners for S-One Lifer helmets. Size up, size down, customize your fit or refresh your ratty liner... you know its time.

Recommended for:
  • S-One Lifer, Lifer Mini, and Lifer Mega helmets

Not usually recommended for:
  • Any other brand of helmet

  • Regular Lifers sizing: Small (Red) 21", Medium (Gold) 21.5", Large (Black) 22", X-Large (Bright Green) 22.5", XX-Large (Blue) 23" and XXX-Large (Purple) 23.5" heads
  • Lifer *MEGA* sizing: Small (Red) 23", Medium (Gold) 23.5", Large (Black) 24", X-Large (Green) 24.5", XXLarge (Blue) 25", XXXLarge (Purple) 25.5"
  • Lifer *mini* sizing: XSmall (Grey) 18.5", Small (Red) 19", Medium (Gold) 19.5", Large (Black) 20", XLarge (Green) 20.5"


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