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Average rating based on 6 review(s)

not a bad bearing for the price , trust me better bearings really make a difference.

Rated by David

Been using these 4 times a month for a couple months, and they are fine for me while I'm just starting in derby. Cheap and does the job.

Rated by Maggie Johnson

I bought these as a set for my outdoor wheels, and they're working great.

Rated by Abbey Ferguson

These came standard in my skates, but as a super-heavyweight skater, I found these just couldn't perform. Within a few uses, they started to get noisy and made it difficult for me to skate. I had to change out my bearings after a few weeks. However, if you're a lightweight to average weight skater, these are just fine -- no one else is complaining about them. They're also good for beginners if you don't want to spend to much on bearings.

Rated by Jay Cee

I purchased these as my first set of bearings, and they worked well for the first 2 months and then after the 3rd month they weren't so great. I've cleaned and lubricated them, but it seems that dirt/dust get in easily and score the surfaces.

Rated by Jeff Lew

About 50% of these were smooth and OK, the other 50% were noticeably sketchy.

Rated by Alyssa Cyr
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