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I love this protective gear set. I call it my COVID-19 Protection kit because it's all rainbow coloured. It gets smiles and laughs on the street. It makes me happy. Also, the sizes are very adaptable. They fit a range of sizes and stay on well. The durability is not as strong as derby gear (as described). One fall on the road and the plastic was dented! But I would rather it be the plastic than me. Fun set. I am glad I purchased it and would recommend.

Rated by Annie

Safety is important! Since I mostly street skate, I opted for something that was stylish with moderate protection. While learning I fell pretty hard so the plastic is scuffed, but I’ve had these for six months and they’re still cute and work great.

Rated by Hannah

Knee Pads - love them. I’ve take some hard falls this summer with no issue to even slightly feeling pain in my knee which is something I have experienced before. I wish they had Velcro on the bottom part and I find the strap dangles and tickles my leg, it’s okay I just tuck it in. Elbow Pads- as to be expected, fairly standard. Comfortable, a little warm on the hot days. Wrist guards - I really don’t like this style of wrist guard. I wish they would adopt the other 187 wrist guards that are flat on the palm and lower profile. I’m sure these do their job just too bulky for me and don’t allow for easy HoHos on the coping.

Rated by Danielle

I love this pad set, they're so cute and I get a ton of compliments in them! I'd heard they fit quite tight but I think they're the perfect level of snugness. The elbows are a bit looser than the knees, but still snug. For reference, I got the XS and my measurement 4" above the knee is 15", and just above the elbow is 8.5". Also, 10/10 customer service. Thank you!

Rated by Victoria

I was really surprised at how much protection these babies give as well as over all comfort! Super cute and stylish! 12/10 recommend. I would have preferred something other than pink, but its what was available and I needed the gear :D merely a personal preference on my end. Wonderful cheery pads! Great for the price as well

Rated by Nina
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