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COVID-19 Updates & Curbside Pickup

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I love this protective gear set. I call it my COVID-19 Protection kit because it's all rainbow coloured. It gets smiles and laughs on the street. It makes me happy. Also, the sizes are very adaptable. They fit a range of sizes and stay on well. The durability is not as strong as derby gear (as described). One fall on the road and the plastic was dented! But I would rather it be the plastic than me. Fun set. I am glad I purchased it and would recommend.

Rated by Annie Prud'homme-Genereux

Safety is important! Since I mostly street skate, I opted for something that was stylish with moderate protection. While learning I fell pretty hard so the plastic is scuffed, but I’ve had these for six months and they’re still cute and work great.

Rated by Hannah Bryan
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