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Great skates, good quality and a good fit. Im totally happy. The service at rollergirl is beyond exceptional, I cannot say enough good things about rollergirl. They have my custom for life.

Rated by Kevan

These skates are excellent. I decided to take up roller skating after not having been on wheels in 20 years (I used to rollerblade), and I did a ton of research to choose my skates. I'm so happy with the Beach Bunnies. They're very smooth indoors and they handle relatively smooth concrete (think parking lots) well, too. They are supportive and comfy, great quality and cute to boot! Mine came with a crab tool so I was able to loosen the trucks and wheels (they come very tight) and attach the toe covers. All in all these are great value for the money and will serve you well as a beginner/intermediate skater. Thanks, RollerGirl!

Rated by Stevie

I am so over-the-(blue)-moon happy with my blue-bunnies! The Moxi Beach Bunny was recommended to me as a beginner skate by a savvy and seasoned skater-friend. This is one of the best purchases I have made hands-down. I love them. I could have found them a tiny bit long (little heel lift) and a touch narrow, but I (binged youtube) threw in an insole, laced every other hole (more comfy toe box while breaking-in) and wore them often!! I've had them three months now and have about 30+ hours in; I recently relaced to every hole and they are still perfect. Using the Fundae wheels and couldn't be more pleased with my whole set-up. I am diligent with checking and tweaking my trucks, wheels and stops before and after every skate which makes a huge difference. Videos on adjustments and regular maintenance are priceless. RollerGirl has been incredible, so responsive, way-fast delivery, always fun treats in the box. Also I was originally sad they had been out of the periwinkle, but I am obsessed with my dreamy sky-blues now :) Thank you RollerGirl!!

Rated by Gali

I LOVE my bunnies as a beginner skate, I watched a few videos and did some research and found that the Bunnies were a good fit for me as I liked that they had an adjustable toe stop, the ankle support was sturdy (which is GREAT if you are learning how to use quads), and that the overall skate quality had good reviews. One of the first things that I did was adjust the trucks on the skates to help move around a bit more naturally, otherwise I kept my bunnies in their stock form as I learned to skate. The wheels are 85A which are good multi-use wheels for indoor and outdoor skating, although I found the wheels too small for my personal preference when I started street skating. I swapped out the wheels for larger and gummier wheels and now my bunnies are my perfect outdoor skate for trails and streets, and the original wheels are being used on my dance skates for practice. The plates are aluminum and sturdy and I am never worried that if I fall that my ankle will bend the wrong way because the bunnies truly do have sturdy ankle support, but that being said - these are way too sturdy for dance skating and the aluminum plate is a bit heavy at first if you are not used to it. In regards to sizing, I am a 7.5 womens who wears a size 7-8 shoe depending on the style. I went with a size 7 skate and added an insole and they fit perfectly, although I think I would have also been fine ordering a size 6 and omitting the insole. These skates do take at least 5-10 wears to break in and feel comfy so give it some time and roll on skaters!

Rated by Chelsea

These skates have been fantastic for me! I am a beginner roller skater, but know the movements for ice skating (which has been beneficial). I absolutely love these skates. They are adorable, fit great, and come with the right wheels for skating outdoors. I practiced indoors a little and they were incredibly smooth. Get a skate tool if you can so you can loosen the trucks and get the wheels to the right spin, as they came tight. Loosening them to where you're comfortable makes a big difference! I primarily skate outdoors (smooth pavement) and they have been awesome for my long skates. They struggle on bumpy concrete, but I'm sure that with different wheels, you would be able to enjoy the bumps. You have to take the stopper apart to put on the toe protective covers, so ensure you have a tool or wrench to assist with that and get the toe stop in the correct position again after (I'm struggling with mine coming loose during skating). Overall I love how these skates fit, and after doing lots of research on what skates to buy, I am relieved to have this pair waiting for me at home! Beach bunnies are great for starters or continuous use _3 RollerGirl was absolutely incredible in helping me find the right pair and fit. I ordered mine during the spring/summer (WHEN EVERYONE WAS GOING CRAZY FOR THEM). I can't praise RollerGirl enough for going above and beyond for me during that crazy busy time. Thanks _3

Rated by Sara

I received these skates for my birthday, and they totally lived up to the hype! After doing an insane amount of research I finally decided on these ones, and they fit me and my skating style perfectly. I skate indoors and (mostly) outdoors, and they work great for both. Would highly recommend loosening a couple things though, as everything comes pretty tight. The customer service was also excellent! Overall just a great pair of skates for a somewhat new skater.

Rated by Kaylyn

A great beginner skate! The stock wheels are one thing I changed out first thing because I found that there was a lot of squeaking noise with them. The skate material itself is quite rigid which gives good stability (especially for your ankles) and in turn gave me more confidence. The RollerGirl team has also been so helpful even after my purchase with any questions I had! Highly recommend both the skates and purchasing from RollerGirl in general :)

Rated by Stephanie
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