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My first pair of skates and they are exactly what I wanted! I was concerned my feet would be too big as I take women's shoe size 11 or 11 1/2 and my feet are EXACTLY 270mm, which is the exact size on the chart for a 10 without any spare mm. Turns out the sizing was perfect! But I will say, when I first tried them on and they are stiff and snug, unlike a shoe, I was worried they wouldn't work. My toes didn't press against the end but there were pressure points at the widest points of my feet (below the baby toes). After watching a video on breaking in skates, I did the trick with the hair dryer and pushing on those points inside the boot with the end of a wooden spoon and it really worked just to give me that little extra space I needed there. I've been skating in them a week now and the fit is good!

Rated by Devon

I did place my order a few weeks ago and I have to say, I am very delighted how the entire process was! I did mesure my foot first and look for the sizing. I was about to get a size too big and I trusted the entire process… which was perfectly sized! My order was shipped very fast and my skates are absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend to support local when possible but Rollergirl had my size and the price was lower even with the shipping cost.

Rated by Julie

These are my second pair of roller skates so i'm pretty new but i do really enjoy them! Vegan leather is a bit stiffer but i prefer the tightness, plus it stretches out over a few wears. Purple is super vibrant and even though i'm fairly rough and fall quite a bit, i don't have too many scuffs which i saw as a risk of vegan leather!

Rated by Natasha

This was my first pair of rollerskates ever. I had done some research and decided to give the Moxi Beach Bunny a try. They have been great so far! A little stiff at first but they work themselves out after a few hours of use. The wheels worked for me as a newbie but couldn't resist upgrading to the Moxi Gummy wheels. I was able to curbside pick up the skates and Rollergirl.ca was incredibly quick with customer service when I emailed with questions. I have and will continue to order from Rollergirl.ca. Thanks for all your help!

Rated by Brooke

As a beginner, I love my Moxi Beach Bunnies!! It's got a good sturdy plate, and a gorgeous purple stiff boot. I've gotten so many compliments on them and it helps boost my confidence :)

Rated by Julie

This is actually my first roller skates! I love it so much! Super fast shipping! It actually came early! Great customer service! _3

Rated by Mary

I bought these skates for my sister last summer and they’ve been excellent so far! Very sturdy, she’s enjoyed the ankle support.

Rated by Fran

These are my first pair of roller skates! I love the purple colour. They are very sturdy and I was surprised at how thick the tongue of the boot is. When I first tried them on I was worried that they might be too snug, but I had faith in the RollerGirl measuring method. I wore them to my first skate lesson the other day and I was very glad to find that they are very comfortable and fit perfectly! The quality is really nice and I am glad that I chose these ones. Make sure you loosen the wheels a tad when you first get them, so they roll better. I also had got a powerdyne tool to adjust them, but discovered that there is a crab tool included in the box, so you don't need to order the additional tool. I have already swapped out the laces to make them a bit more personalized and I am excited to try some more customizations in the future. I'm excited to join this awesome roller skate community!

Rated by Megan

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